Seeking Sister Wife exclusive: Ashley and Vanessa share a Yoni steam ahead of the big night with Dimitri

The sisters are doing it for themselves, with steam. Pic credit: TLC
The sisters are doing it for themselves, with steam. Pic credit: TLC

On Sunday’s episode of Seeking Sister Wife – the two potential sister wives of Dimitri Snowden have some girl time and it a weird moment to put it kindly.

The clip features Ashley Snowden and potential sister wife Vanessa Cobbs getting prepared and being walked through the steps of getting their yonis steamed.

In plain English, they are wearing towel type robes and nothing else and they will squat minus panties over a pot of boiling water while the steam rises and… you get the idea.

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This yoni steaming experience is ostensibly a shared bonding exercise to prepare Vanessa for her first night with Dimitri, the shared man of the house.

A moment of silence while I channel my favorite cast member of the whole Seeking Sister Wife series, mama Donna. Her face is everything and I love that she just flat out told them nobody has time for this nonsense and one queen in the house was enough.

Donna rules.

The face that shuts the party down. Pic credit: TLC
The face that shuts the party down. Pic credit: TLC

Our Yoni steaming guide sashays the ladies into the steam room and yonisplains: “If it gets too hot just stand up right away… it shouldn’t burn, it shouldn’t feel uncomfortable. It should feel relaxing. So why don’t you guys go ahead and get set up and I’ll be back in 30 minutes.”

Ashley takes the lead, “Okay perfect, thank you.”

Vanessa is confused about the steam logistics. “We just… I just… so how does it get all the way up there? I feel like I have to like …”

Ashley is now a yoni ‘splainer. “Well, it doesn’t need to get… it’s gonna get in… it’s like your body is a sponge.”

Cut to Vanessa, who is not sure about any of this. “I know but to like…open up?

Ashley is getting impatient with Ashley at this point.  It’s like she wants to say, ‘shut up and sit on the pot so I can process the fact that you are going to be sleeping with my husband in T-minus one hour.’  But she’s cool, she doesn’t go there. If it were Donna, there’d be a cage match at this point.

So she grits her teeth and gives bad information: “Your skin is porous…” (It’s not, and for the record, your yoni is not a sponge).

Vanessa senses the impatience, smiles, and plays along. “Oh that’s true…okay…I can feel it now, that’s good.”

Then she explains in a separate interview the feelings experienced during yoni time. “When it gets too hot you’re gonna feel it and it’s just like a little steam engine just shooting up your hoohah…”

Back to the steam room. Ashley inquires: “Is it boiling?”

In the separate interview with Vanessa, she makes the universal choo-choo hand signal as she says: “Choo-Choo!”

What happens after this steamy scene? We have to watch Sunday and find out.

What is vaginal steaming anyway?

Vaginal steaming, also known as yoni steaming, is described as an “alternative health treatment” where women squat over steaming water.

There can be herbal add-ins such as rosemary, wormwood and basil. Allegedly the warm steam is meant to soften that delicate skin so that the medicinal benefits of these herbs can do their magic.

A yoni steam is called a “bajo” by Mayan midwives too. This traditional treatment was used for every conceivable ailment of the reproductive system after birth. The ancient remedy was a deep clean for the uterus after birth and treatment for any damage that occurred during birth and for healing the yoni up post-birth.

Dr. Megan Sneed says this is all a load of rubbish and to do this is a waste of money, a fad propagated by rich celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Gwyneth Paltrow.

What’s the deal with Dimitri and his ‘wives’?

Seeking Sister Wife stars Dimitri and Ashley Snowden are working Vanessa into their polygamous lifestyle.  However, the fly in the ointment is my aforementioned cast star mama Donna who is quite annoyed that Ashley is involved in this foolishness.

On last season of Seeking Sister Wife, Dimitri and Ashley tried to find a wife but he wound up sleeping with some woman instead.

Then there is messy rumor mongering about Ashley out there in the Internets too, that she might have an agenda wholly unrelated to anything spiritual or wholesome in this polyamorous deal. The plot thickens.

Seeking Sister Wife airs Sunday at 10/9c on TLC.

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