Season 4 streaming of The Chosen delayed: Here’s how you can still watch

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The Chosen Season 4 has been delayed. Pic credit: The Chosen/YouTube

We just got some disappointing news for fans of The Chosen eagerly anticipating Season 4.

Sadly, it will be some time before the series is made available on streaming platforms, and right now we don’t know when that time will be.

However, it’s not all bad news — at least for those in the U.S. and Canada because the series will be shown in theatres over the Easter weekend.

Theatergoers can buy tickets to watch all eight episodes over the three-day weekend, at a discounted cost.

As for international viewers and everyone else waiting with anticipation to see the show, it will be available on The Chosen app at some point, and yes it will be free.

However, fans will have to exercise a bit of patience because no date has been given for that.

Season 4 of The Chosen hits streaming delay

The man behind the popular faith-based series, Dallas Jenkins recently shared the unfortunate news about the Season 4 delay.

Dallas cited financial and legal issues as the main reasons for the holdup, and as of now a timeline for getting the new season on the streaming platform is still up in the air.

“You just need to understand the financial and logistical ramifications of how this works,” noted The Chosen director in a 16-minute video posted on social media.

“We are sorting out all of the things that we can do to get this show to you as soon as possible for free,” he added. “It’s not coming as fast as we want it to, but it is coming to The Chosen app.”

Here’s how you can watch Season 4 of The Chosen

Season 4 of The Chosen had a theatrical rollout in Canada and the U.S. on February 1 with a two-week run.

However, plans for the show to debut on multiple streaming platforms after its theatre run, have screeched to a halt.

Now, there are plans for another theatre showing over the three-day Easter weekend where moviegoers can watch all the episodes in the latest season.

The information shared on The Chosen website indicates that Episodes 1-3 will be on Maundy Thursday, March 28, Episodes 4-6 on Good Friday, March 29 and
Episodes 7-8 on Holy Saturday, March 30.

Those who wish to see the series will also get discounted tickets.
“All 3 movies for $30 at Cinemark; All 3 for $27.50 at Marcus Theaters and
Half off through Fandango using the code, THECHOSENSEASON4.”

However, there are a limited number of half-off tickets available, so check out the website for all the information related to prices and discount codes.

Seasons 1-3 of The Chosen are currently streaming on Netflix.

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