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Sean on My 600-lb Life died: Where Are They Now gives one last update

Sean on My 600-lb Life died
Sean Milliken sadly lost his life before the age of thirty. Pic credit: TLC

Death and reality were served up by TLC last night on the compelling follow-up series, My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?

Sean Milliken would not see his 30th birthday. Sean should be alive and living a life filled with family and friends. Food was the culprit, with Sean’s unable to control his intake.

Back in February, TLC issued a press statement to media outlets including Monsters & Critics about his passing.

“TLC is saddened to share that Sean Milliken has passed away…TLC expresses its deepest sympathies to Sean’s friends and family at this difficult time.”

On Facebook, his dad Matt Milliken made mention of Sean’s struggles all the way until the end.

He was featured on season four of My 600-lb Life and sadly passed away during production in the middle of filming his second Where Are They Now? episode.

Fans expressed their sadness at his passing on Twitter after watching the episode that aired last night on TLC.

Sean’s journey

Sean was too far gone at this point to bring back to good health. Pic credit: TLC
Sean was too far gone at this point to bring back to good health. Pic credit: TLC

Sean weighed in with an initial weight of 919 pounds and reached 1,003 pounds.

His eating was attributed to his parent’s divorce. Sean was reportedly 150 pounds by age ten.

Sean internalized the guilt and felt it was his fault, and he kept going to food to soothe those feelings. Early on Sean lost about 400 pounds but his now late mother, Renee, sabotaged his efforts and fed him unhealthy food against Dr. Nowzaradan’s instructions.

Sean’s mother Renee died from kidney failure in 2017.

He said:

“A couple of months ago my mom went to the hospital because she wasn’t feeling well. And she just kept getting worse. They said she had renal failure, and she didn’t make it. She passed away a couple weeks ago and I’m devastated, and I don’t know what to do now because my mom was everything to me.”

Also in that year, Sean lost many of his possessions to Hurricane Harvey.

What killed Sean?

Sean’s relationship with unhealthy food, exacerbated by his enabling late mother, was what lead to Sean’s early death. Sean died of complications from an infection which lead to him having a heart attack.

He passed away in February at the age of 29 in Texas.

Condolences to Sean’s family and friends from all of us at M&C.

My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now airs Wednesdays on TLC.


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