Sci Fi’s ‘Eureka’ may have a love filled season

Colin Ferguson in a poster for Eureka Season 3
Colin Ferguson in a poster for the new season of Eureka. Pic credit: Sci-Fi Channel

“Eureka” may have some love in the air for the new season.

Speaking at the NBCU summer press preview today, star of “Eureka” Colin Ferguson joined VP of Programming for Sci Fi, Mark Stern, along with show exectuve producers Jaime Paglia and Charlie Craig.

“I’ve been pitching this girlfriend idea for three years,” quipped Ferguson, who seemed pleased that the producers answered that yes, is character Sheriff Jack Carter may get lucky in love this upcoming season.

The new season will initially consist of eight episodes and commence production in its location city of Vancouver in a few weeks, and promises unusual things are still afoot in the quirky sci fi world of Eureka.  Thirteen more episodes are scheduled to follow.

Mentioned were a Biodome themed show, a nod to Groundhog Day that involves “2 AM and ice water,” a robot mangy dog show and perhaps more disappearing pizza men (not).

The romance theme may also carry over to Sally, the smart house, and even Fargo (Neil Grayston) may get lucky too.

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