Say Yes To The Dress America exclusive: Colorado couple get surprise of a lifetime from Randy Fenoli

Randy Fenoli surprises bride-to-be Sammi Jo at her home in Colorado. Pic credit: TLC.
Randy Fenoli surprises bride-to-be Sammi Jo at her home in Colorado. Pic credit: TLC.

On the next Say Yes To The Dress America, fans of the series will love how host Randy Fenoli surprises one Colorado couple with a dream wedding and dress to celebrate their big day.

This is made all the more poignant by the fact that the bride-to-be Sammi Jo Woodard lost her mother not too long ago, and the two watched the long-running series all the time.

In the exclusive clip, Randy surprises Sammi Jo at her home with news she will represent the state of Colorado. He greets Sammi Jo on the porch. He says: “I have something for you, okay?”

Brimming with excitement, Sammi Jo opens a special envelope with the good news. It reads: “Congratulations! Say Yes To The Dress America cordially invites you to represent your home state and the wedding of the year. You will also receive the customary Kleinfeld Bridal VIP treatment as you select your wedding gown from a curated collection.”

Explaining why she is so emotional at the surprise, she shares: “Oh my gosh…growing up, me and my mom used to watch Say Yes To the Dress like… probably every day… so I feel like this is a really, really awesome way for me to still be excited about my wedding. I just can’t believe I’m gonna be a Kleinfeld bride!”

Randy steps in and says: “I heard about the loss of your mother, I’m sorry. I could never fill her shoes, but if I can help guide you through this process…I would be honored, really.”

Not believing her good luck, Sammi Jo says: “To be a Say Yes To The Dress bride and a Kleinfeld bride? Is… it’s everything, it’s everything to me because not having my mom to pick out my dress with me… no girl wants to have to go through that. And so to have Randy be there I’m really, really thankful and I’m so happy I can’t believe it.”

Saturday’s episode is the story of this lucky Colorado bride (Sammi Jo Woodard) who lost her mother and used to always watch the series together with her.

On their wedding page, the two shared their unique love story which is pretty cute:

Sammi Jo was a Hooters Girl and met Andy while serving him at Hooters in Costa Mesa, CA. They went on a date the following day at Huntington Beach Central Park to walk Lea The Rottweiler and instantly had a connection.

After four years and three moves together they caravaned to Colorado to start their future June 2016.

Two years later on November 10th 2018, it was one of the last days of wood season and Andy pulled the ring out of his Carhartt™️ Bib Overalls and asked her to marry him with mama cows and their calves running behind him. She said yes then Andy got the ring on her finger after switching to the correct hand and dropping the ring in a dry cow pie.

Say Yes to the Dress America’s 10-part series features 50 couples from every state in the United States in a swanky ceremony officiated by bridal fashion designer Randy Fenoli.

Each bride and groom score an all-expenses-paid trip to New York City plus a private shopping event at the wedding salon, Kleinfeld Bridal, where they select a free wedding gown from a curated selection, carefully selected with the help of a Kleinfeld consultant.

There’s more as they receive a TLC-hosted pre-wedding reception and an extraordinary group wedding.

In the Saturday episode, we see that Fenoli “winds up chopping wood and agreeing to help Sammi Jo brush her steer. Randy grew up on a cattle farm in southern Illinois and ran away 5 times when he was growing up.”

This Colorado couple’s official date is June 20, 2020, in Holden Marolt Mining & Ranching Museum located in Aspen, Colorado.

Tune in and bring tissues. Happy tears all around:

The official scoop from TLC:

Randy will officiate as each couple says “I do” in unison at New York City’s iconic Central Park in a two-hour event capping off the engaging 10-part series. Joining him to help create the wedding event of a lifetime will be bridal designer Hayley Paige serving as “America’s bridesmaid,” [TLC star] Cake Boss’s Buddy Valastro, who expertly crafts a stunning cake fit for America, Emmy Award-winning host and style expert Lilliana Vazquez and fashion industry veteran Joe Zee.

Say Yes to the Dress America airs Saturday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

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