Sara Haines reveals why she’s ‘considering jail right now’ on The View

Sara Haines on The View
A question posed to the ladies has Sara Haines considering jail. Pic credit: ABC.

The View has started a new procedure on the show, and the ladies must abide by it whether they like it or not.

The new rule is that if the ladies don’t like a topic, they choose an unknown one from a bag and have to go with it.

So recently, when the ladies were not happy with the topic Whoopi Goldberg chose having to do with vanilla sex, they had to pick another subject, sight unseen.

The ladies are generally not shy about raunchy subjects, so it was unclear why they suddenly became shy and shelved the topic.

Brian gave the ladies the bag, and Joy chose the question, “Would you rather hike the Appalachian Trail by yourself or spend six months in jail?”

The ladies had widely differing viewpoints, with Sara Haines choosing the drastic option of jail immediately.

Sara revealed she would ‘go with prison’ rather than hike

The ladies all love the comforts of home rather than hiking, with Joy Behar’s option of staying home and watching Netflix, but Sara did not even have to think about the choices to reveal she’s a prison girl, not a nature girl at heart.

Alyssa Farah Griffin would love to hike the Trail; Whoopi said she’s done both and is good. Sunny Hostin isn’t a hiker, but having visited jails would opt for the hike.

Sara completely abandoned the idea of hiking. In response to one of the ladies calling it a stupid choice, she said, “It’s not a stupid choice. I’m considering jail right now.”

Sara, who is not outdoorsy, reminded people that she is a Virgo and would “love the regularity and schedule of prison.” She would not have to worry about killing her dinner either because “they would bring me a tray of something.”

She firmly said she would “go with prison.”

The clip is on The View’s YouTube channel.

The View fans weigh in on this fun segment

This time, Sara Haines did not have to defend herself too vigorously; the fans seemed to love her responses about choosing jail over hiking.

One fan quoted her, “I do like the regularity and schedule of prison.”

Another fan loved that she mentioned that she is a Virgo.

A third fan said, “I love this new segment.”

Fans react to Sara Haines on The View.
Fans react to Sara Haines on The View. Pic credit: @TheView/YouTube

Other fans spoke up about the mountains. One said, “The Appalachian mountains have a lot of lore. Spooky place!”

One fan commented on Joy’s Netflix comment.

A third had firm advice, “Absolutely hike the trail. This speaks volumes about their character. I was not surprised.”

Fans react on YouTube about this segment on The View.
The fans love this segment on The View. Pic credit: @TheView/YouTube

Thankfully, this was just a “What would you do” question, and Sara doesn’t have to choose jail over the great outdoors.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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