Sara Haines is censored on The View during heated rant

Sara Haines up close
Sara Haines is censored on The View. Pic credit: ©

The View tackled politics during a recent episode where they discussed those at the center of the government shutdown.

Every panelist had something to say, but Sara Haines got a bit heated during her part.

She was somewhat frustrated at how lower-income people may be impacted by the shutdown, for example, if they could not eat due to the shutdown.

In the meantime, she worried that politicians would be focused on more privileged concerns.

She called out, “Do your jobs and make s**t happen!” with the latter half of the sentence bleeped out on television.

Rather than being able to hear her, we could only see her lips move as she talked, but she garnered cheers from the audience.

Sara kept it together, though, and didn’t make any other remarks after being censored, showing that she knew when it was time to cool down.

Sara Haines makes a crack at rich people at Whoopi Goldberg’s expense

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Sara had a pretty hilarious flub on the show where she indirectly targeted moderator Whoopi Goldberg.

The ladies were discussing their opinions about Donald Trump and his wealth, or lack thereof, and his current legal troubles.

Sara cracked, “I’ve always laughed at his whole persona. Because when you see him, the wealthiest person in the room is usually in a hoodie.”

Sitting to the side was Whoopi Goldberg, completely dressed in her sweatsuit with the matching hoodie.

Whoopi seemed a bit astounded initially but grinned after, seemingly finding the humor in Sara’s remark.

“I’m sorry,” Sara told Whoopi. “I did blow your cover.”

The other ladies laughed as Sunny said the, “Example is sitting with us.”

Plus, Joy Behar confirmed that Whoopi was “the richest one here.”

Sara Haines is fed up with Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce romance

Sara is also tired of hearing about pop star Taylor Swift and her rumored boyfriend Travis Kelce in the media. As far as Sara is concerned, the whole thing is a ploy for publicity on both ends.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as Taylor has mainly grown famous due to her incredible PR team, and it won’t hurt Travis Kelce to have Taylor attached to his name, either.

However, Sara is not interested in discussing this on The View, as she revealed in a recent Behind the Table podcast episode.

She seemed bored by the topic, as did many of her co-hosts, though they have inevitably discussed the romance since then.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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Thanks Sara keep it up 👍🏼