Sara Haines censored live on The View again

Sara Haines on The View
Sara Haines got bleeped during a live rant about Donald Trump. Pic credit: ABC

Sara Haines, popular host on The View, has had quite a time lately with her word usage on the show.

In today’s political segments on the show, former President Donald Trump was the topic du jour as well as the government needing to balance the budget.

Sara spoke out about past presidents and their inability to balance the United States governmental budget.

She said in her speech, “Right now, I have a little anger at all of them.” She spoke of the elected political leaders.

Continuing on the discussion, Whoopi Goldberg brought Donald Trump back up in the conversation, leading Sara Haines to share a tidbit with the group.

“Remember that Biff in Back to the Future was based on Donald Trump.” Sara began to say. Back to the Future premiered in 1985 and is a true classic.

Going on, she elaborated, “So think about what he was like in 1983 when he was a jerk-off, doing what he….” A producer off-screen stopped her mid-sentence.

“I can’t say that? It wasn’t even a swear.” Sara managed to get out. “He was a complete jerk, nothings changed!”

‘I have no words left,’ Sara blurts out

The cameras panned to an exasperated Whoopi Goldberg’s distressed face. Whoopi was too distressed to say anything, leaving it up to the rest.

The other ladies present today, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Alyssa Farah all were trying to get Sara to stop.

Joy, still in shock, reprimanded her, “You cannot, we are gagging you.” Joy even went as far as to pretend to smack Sara to get her to hush.

Upon realizing she cannot even use the word jerk, she complained, “I have no words left!” It took her a few seconds to regroup and regain her composure.

This isn’t Sara’s first time being censored.

Just the day before on The View, Sara Haines was muted while uttering an expletive during an exchange unsurprisingly about politics.

She has also targeted Whoopi Goldberg with cracks about extreme wealth on the show.

Even though Sara is quick to shade or to use offensive language on The View, she is always quick to apologize and move on.

While she may forget the boundaries placed on her language occasionally while hosting The View, Sara can regroup and go on with decorum. This skill will benefit her on the show.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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Carol Thompson
Carol Thompson
9 months ago

It was said on the show the last time the government was in good standing was when Bill Clinton was in the presidency perhaps we should learn from the past….