Sara Haines asks Common if he’s dating Whoopi Goldberg live on The View

Sara Haines at a random event.
Sara Haines asked the rapper Common if he is dating Whoopi Goldberg. Pic credit: ©

Today on The View, Sara Haines got down to business with a guest and asked him what could be considered a very uncomfortable question.

The rapper Common was a guest on the show promoting his new book, And Then We Rise: A Guide to Loving and Taking Care of Self. During the segment, Sara Haines mentioned his appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show.

Common listed some specific qualities that his partner had on Jennifer’s show, which got Sara curious as to whether one of the ladies on The View fit that bill.

Sara started reciting these qualities: “She’s one of the most beautiful people…talented…have her talk show…EGOT winner…”

Only one lady on the panel fits that bill, and that would be Whoopi Goldberg. She has been looking great lately and has even lost weight.

In front of a stunned Whoopi, Sara asked a most direct question to Common a day after Jennifer Hudson posted this on the Instagram account for her show.

Whoopi could not believe what came out of Sara’s mouth

Sara said, “Are you dating Whoopi?” Whoopi”s jaw dropped when she heard that. Usually, Whoopi must be reminded to look interested in the topics on the show. Not this time; she was all in for the answer.

The most thoughtful response came from Common, “If the show fits…Whoopi doesn’t fit all those.”

Without confirming or denying, Common was delightful in the way he spoke about Whoopi.

Whoopi jumped in and said, “You know he’s busy.” Then Whoopi clarified that Common’s real partner, Jennifer Hudson, did not have a threat in her.

Without coming out and saying it word for word, the segment on Jennifer’s show made it clear that Common and Jennifer are dating.

Whoopi said, “Don’t start no stuff with me ‘n Jennifer.”

Common was excited to be on The View and posted about it on his Instagram.

Whoopi’s fans comment on Sara’s question to Common

The clip of Sara asking if Common was dating Whoopi was posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, and fans had to respond.

One fan joked, “Whoopi would put a hurting on that boy.”

Another said, “Oh yeah Common was on Jennifer Hudson’s show yesterday.”

A third fan said, “Good one, Sara!”

Fans comment on Sara Haines asking Common if he is dating Whoopi Goldberg
Pic credit: @NuYarka4Life/@gramfurn/@CYalc1/X

One fan commented on how Sara laughed as she asked, “Sara ate that!” One last fan said, “Oh, that was good the way you set that question up.”

Fans of The View love that Sara asked today on The View
Pic credit: @SirLeeJay/@bmorvnfan/X

In hindsight, Sara was having some good fun with her friend Whoopi, and no one was upset over the question.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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