Sara Haines accidentally shades Whoopi Goldberg with crack about extreme wealth

Sara Haines and Whoopi Goldberg on The View
Sara Haines thew some unintentional shade at Whoopi Goldberg while making a point on The View. Pic credit: ABC

Recently on The View, the ladies were talking about wealth and whether it is perceived or real in regard to former President Donald Trump and somehow, Whoopi Goldberg ended up getting a bit of shade.

Showing off wealth whether it is real or just giving off rich vibes is frowned upon by the ladies of The View. No one likes people who always gloat or brag in order to seem like they have more.

Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Alyssa Fara, Joy Behar, and, of course, Whoopi Goldberg were seated around the table for the chat.

All the ladies were chiming in with opinions about Donald Trump and his wealth, or lack thereof, and his pending legal woes.

Sara had firm opinions about Trump as he grapples with allegations of inflating his wealth by billions of dollars. Speaking of Trump, she grinned, “I’ve always laughed at his whole persona.”

Sara Haines continued, “Because when you see him, the wealthiest person in the room is usually in a hoodie.”

Sara Haines realized she accidentally called out Whoopi Goldberg

She immediately realized what she had done as she looked over at Whoopi’s face.

Whoopi looked a bit shocked at being singled out for wearing her traditional hoodie outfit, which she had on when Sara made the comment.

Once she realized that Sara had called her out, Whoopi looked up with surprise and incredulousness before breaking out into a wide grin.

“I’m sorry,” Sara rushed to say to Whoopi, “I did blow your cover.”

The other ladies laughed while trying to calm the situation. Sunny quipped that the “example is sitting with us.”

Joy Behar confirmed to Whoopi, “You are the richest one here.”

Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Whoopi is worth around $60 million. This gives her the distinction of actually being the richest in the room when it comes to her co-hosts on The View.

Whoopi Goldberg isn’t the only person of wealth and fame who wears casual clothing like hoodies on social media and television.

Many stars wear casual clothing such as hoodies in an effort to blend in with the crowd. For example, Kim Kardashian was found to be “completely unrecognizable in a recent social media post where she was caught wearing a hoodie.

Hailey Bieber was spotted out with Justin wearing a toned-down ensemble that included a sweatshirt that matched her spouse.

Anyone with that kind of money can certainly purchase whatever she wants to wear and if it’s a hoodie, then so be it!

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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