WEtv’s “Marriage Boot Camp” Reality Stars Oh Hank! Episode


Forget about everything else that happens on WEtv’s “Marriage Boot Camp” this week, the bombshell is that, while they’re living in the mansion filming the show, the transsexual “model” that Hank Baskett supposedly had an affair with posts an audiotape on the Internet of a conversation he had with the NFL star.


Supposedly it’s Hank. And it’s multiple minutes long and it’s him begging this guy not to tell anybody what happened, asking if they have pictures, and promising to pay him $5,000. I’m assuming that’s hush money, but maybe it’s a tip. #sorrynotsorry

Okay, that was snarky. What actually happens on the tape (I listened) is that the “other woman” tells Hank she’s been offered $5,000 by the media by hasn’t said anything, and Hank says he’ll give her that much – but he can’t pay it all at once. Oh Hank, you should have let your lawyers handle this. Sports are your game, not blackmail. You’re screwed.

Actually, I’m pretty devastated by this for both Hank and his wife Kendra Wilkinson, but especially for her. It’s not just about finding out her husband may have other sexual proclivities, he did this s**t WHILE SHE WAS EIGHT MONTHS PREGNANT. Not okay. Not in any realm of the universe. And she’s not going to take it.

Kendra and Hank face off. He’s on the phone with his attorney. ThinkFactory Media’s cameras are EVERYWHERE filming this and all of their camp-mates are in the house Googling the scandal and gossiping.

“It’s do or die for you right now Hank. I’m threatening divorce now,” Kendra has got to know he obviously did something with a transgender male. And he cheated on her – which seems to be what has her pissed. Not who or what he cheated with. She feels she deserves better after six years of marriage.

Boot camp directors Jim and Elizabeth Carroll listen to the entire audiotape online before intervening in the screaming match in the garden. They want to be prepared to help, but clearly, they find the tape disturbing.

“I cannot listen to that recording to save my life… I mean what the hell was said in that recording Hank?” Kendra is literally screaming. “You have today to prove to me that you didn’t cheat on me. You have today!”

“This is just a little too real for me,” Kendra looks like she could easily go into shock at this point. All hell is breaking loose. I’m impressed she didn’t head straight for the bottle and I mean that sincerely. Shows she’s not a lush.

“I just wanna be a mom and have a happy life and you have to f**k that up for me,” Kendra screams at Hank in front of everybody at camp.

Hank won’t discuss it while they’re screaming in front of the cameras. So Jim takes him aside so things don’t “spin out of control.” Um, I think all the horses have already left the barn and that door is closed. But hey, give it a shot!

“You need to speak the truth,” Kendra yells as he’s leaving. She stays alone with Elizabeth for counselling.

“A lot of s**t doesn’t make sense right now,” Kendra is so upset he did it while she was preggers. “I deserve better. If he did this, I won’t be able to be with him.”

At first, it seems like Elizabeth Carroll will be counseling her to work things out with Hank, but as she listens to Kendra, things start to shift.

“You’ve been through rough stuff before. You’re a tough cookie. You’re a survivor,” Elizabeth reminds Kendra. “He’s living in a delusional ‘Mr. Perfect’ world.”

“I feel like the world is against me. The only thing I’m trusting right now is Jim and Elizabeth,” Kendra says. That’s so sad. We know she can’t call her mom unless she’s doing it for the purposes of putting out a press release.

While Elizabeth and Jim go talk alone with Hank about what REALLY happened, the other women in the house totally pounce on Kendra. The thing is, she’s lived in the Playboy Mansion and she’s not stupid. She’s smart enough to accept their condolences, so to speak, but also smart enough to realize these women are not her friends. Any one of them could leak anything she says with the click of a message on their phone.

Just gotta say, I thought Aubrey leading the charge to be the supporter of Kendra was the most bogus bulls**t ever. Aubrey wants to get to Kendra. I wish she was as “genuinely concerned” as she claims to be but the truth is she just wants the skinny. Only Jordan hangs back because she figured that if Kendra wanted them involved, she would have asked them. They’ve only known each other for three days.

“Please don’t leave… we’ll come sleep in your bed every night,” Aubrey says. What is that? You aren’t her friend. That’s just a childish statement. WTF is wrong with this woman? Did the plastic surgery fry her brain? Too much anesthetic?

“I need to figure this out on my own,” Kendra politely tells the girls to bugger off.

“I need to know the truth. I need to have him tell me this. We can sit here and play mind games all day,” she says.

Then Tami tells Kendra they listened to the tape. Kendra kept her cool but her face said it all. Tami is enjoying this too damned much.

“Right now, the way it looks is bad… it’s really, really bad,” Aubrey is the bringer of good news. I wish Kendra would shoot the messenger. Might make her feel better.

In interview, Kendra expressed her opinions about their “support” and what it’s like to have s**t hit the fan while filming “Marriage Boot Camp.”

“Having to live in a house with other people looking up your mess on the Internet and feeding off of each other. That’s hurts. That hurts even more,” Kendra says.

“Nosy ass people adding to our problem,” is how Kendra feels about it. And I agree with her. But I also think she and Hank should never have signed up to do this television show with this hanging over their heads. Had they already signed the contract and the network refused to release them? Or did they do this to themselves intentionally? Inquiring minds want to know. She just seems too smart to put herself in this position. This is not the little girl who dressed up naughty for Hugh Hefner anymore.

The guys are talking about things amongst themselves too. For the most part, they’re just uncomfortable. Dude is an NFL star who supposedly chose to bonk another man dressed as a woman when he had a hottie wife at home. If it was just about her being preggers and off limits, he would have done a chick.

“It’s a situation,” Mike says. That’s the funniest thing that anybody could have said about this.

“Something happened,” Travis, like everybody else, believes that if nothing happened it wouldn’t be this big deal.

“It’s just embarrassing. Especially something like this. It’s just disturbing to me,” Reggie admits. Wow.

When Elizabeth and Jim return to Kendra, the other women scatter like they’re doing something wrong. Because they are. There’s nothing healthy about feeding off another human being’s misery. Kendra did nothing wrong here.

She told Elizabeth that she doesn’t want to hear about it from them before the directors go in to talk to Hank without her. She NEEDS to hear the words from Hank’s mouth. Jim sits down with her and looks at her very seriously after he talks to Hank.

“He told me everything and more than anything, he wants you and your family to be happy,” Jim tells Kendra, and advises her they should let the world know what happened. Hank walks in as the episode ends.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY??? I swear to God, WEtv, I PROMISE I would have tuned in next Friday to watch the s**t hit the fan. Didn’t we deserve to know what happens next? OMG. You are killing me. I know I can get on Google and figure out how the story ends, but I was trying to play along and this is just painful. You suck. And yes, I’ll be blogging next week. #obsessed

I had to look up the timeline to figure all of this out. The audiotape was released in October (which means that’s when they were filming this). Hank and Kendra are all over the media by March doing red carpet events together with big smiles. Theoretically, they’re going to work this out. But I don’t know why they put themselves through this in the first place.

In other news, Tami had a pregnancy scare but not really. She had the flu and because she doesn’t use birth control because she assumes her eggs have dried up, they had to give her the dipstick before they could prescribe anti-nausea meds. Good thing she was able to be up and about before the Hank/Kendra scandal broke or she would have missed the gossip she so viciously enjoys.

And Aubrey and Travis are still fighting about her friend looking at her va-jay-jay. Jim and Elizabeth put a moratorium on that fight and sent them to a “time out’ on the subject like little children, but it didn’t take long for them to break the rules and start fighting again. Aubrey likes to scream. And she flat out says she’d choose her BFF over Travis. Isn’t it time for them to leave “Marriage Boot Camp” now?

I don’t know how anybody else is looking at this show right now, but I just want to see how Kendra and Hank handle things. They came to “Marriage Boot Camp” to figure out how to get through dealing with the tabloid rumors, and now the whole thing has come to a head with everyone, including cameras, watching. Not going to pretend that would be easy for anybody to handle.

Next Friday is going to be intense. Not going to miss it!

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