Sandy Malone: WEtv’s “Marriage Boot Camp” Kendra and Hank Show Continues

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And “The Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett Show” continues on WEtv’s “Marriage Boot Camp” again this week. Even though the couples are doing a wife swap and checking out whether or not the grass is greener with another partner, the most popular topic of conversation all over the mansion’s property is how fake everyone feels Kendra and Hank are being.

“Kendra has reached her breaking point and is drawing a line. Hank can no longer hold back the truth,” Director Elizabeth Carroll says.

Hank feels backed into a corner.

“I’m standing in that corner – my wall went up so much because I feel more pressure in this house than I do outside,” Hank explains to Director Jim Carroll, who is encouraging him to come clean with his wife.

“Don’t say a time frame,” Hank warns Jim. “Cuz it’s gonna make me put a wall up.” It’s interesting the way he sets his own rules and boundaries, even with the directors.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth is prepping Kendra for news she’s not going to get right then. And she’s right. Jim returns with the bad news.

“It’s not going to happen tonight,” Jim announces. The bigger question now is will Hank come clean before “Marriage Boot Camp” ends?

But they table the matter for the time being.

Next morning, Reggie’s making breakfast and chatting with Travis.

“I’m just going to approach everything with a positive mind from here on out,” Reggie tells him.

Aubrey and Travis feel like boot camp is making them grow apart instead of together. I’m guessing that’s because they’re so far up in everybody else’s business.

The day’s exercise begins and nobody looks excited about it.

“When a relationship is damaged, you start to wonder is the grass greener on the other side,” Jim explains. “And people are quick to walk away.”

They partner up the couples with different spouses based on their interaction with their own partners, supposedly. But that wasn’t the only criteria.

Hank’s with Tammy because of the fight Kendra and Tammy had over Hank. They have to taste food blindfolded, including escargot and crickets (ew). And leave it to Tammy to do exactly as Jim and Elizabeth hoped when they partnered them – she brings up her fight with Kendra and probes the scandal a bit, but Hank distracts her. Tammy is easily distracted into talking about herself.

“That’s something Kendra and I share. Everybody wants honesty. Everybody wants trust,” Tammy says and then spends the rest of it talking about herself and her relationship with Reggie.

Mike’s with Aubrey because of their partners’ jealousy issues. And they’re taking a burlesque lesson together. It’s a test for them, and for their partners.

True to form, Aubrey crosses the line and goes way beyond the instructions, giving a sexy dance, and then she gets genuinely excited when The Sitch shows her his chest. Travis won’t be happy and it’s legit. He wasn’t pleased about Mike and Aubrey’s assignment when it was handed out. Guess he knows his girlfriend pretty well.

Mike just looks like a dork with a good upper body.

Afterwards, Aubrey fills Travis in – leaving out most of the details – and he’s still unhappy.

“I busted out the splits,” Aubrey brags.

“You did the splits on his lap?” Travis freaks. No idiot, she did them on the floor. Still impressive. But Aubrey doesn’t answer him and lets him wonder. Why would she do that? She just wants more attention, even if it’s negative.

But the timing wasn’t great because she teased him with that right after she busted up his time with Kendra. And that was fairly heated.

Travis is with Kendra because Aubrey and Travis have been sooo judgmental about Hank and Kendra. And he doesn’t go easier on her one-on-one.

They start out making balloon bathing suits with some goofy guy, then Travis confronts Kendra with Jim and Elizabeth watching in the background.

Travis calls Kendra fake, and asks why they didn’t go see Jim and Elizabeth behind closed doors instead of on the show. (Okay, yeah, we’ve all asked ourselves that.)

“Why can’t we do it here like you?” Kendra asks. Travis gives her his song and dance about how she and Hank aren’t being real enough for everybody else.

“Hell no. This ain’t the place and this definitely ain’t the people,” Kendra says.

Travis says he doesn’t feel they’re keeping it “100” and she says he never will because he doesn’t know them.

“Who the f**k is he to judge us?” Kendra asks in interview.

“You have no compassion. You have no sympathy.” Kendra tells Travis. He says he does and claims he hasn’t been judgmental.

“He’s lying. He judges the heck out of them,” Elizabeth comments to Jim as they watch. #TrueLife

“The catty stuff. The immature high school stuff – it’s pretty gross,” Kendra lets Travis have it and he deserves it, but he’s not actually “getting” it.

“I haven’t faked one single thing,” Travis says. Yeah, right.

Aubrey comes and busts up their balloon date (anybody else notice that no other partners interrupted or put an end to the other’s date?). Kendra gets out of there like her ass is on fire.

“I’m sick of all this, they’re not keeping it real,” Aubrey says to Travis after Kendra’s gone.

Aubrey and Travis go back to their room and shred Kendra and Hank, again. Wow, people in glass houses.

Jordan and Reggie are together because they’re both the quiet ones in their relationship. They’re learning archery. And they’re borrrrrinng!

“I feel like if Jeff was there it would have been more like a competition,” Jordan says, not meaning that would have been a good thing. She and Reggie just had a nice afternoon chatting.

The only couple more boring to watch was Jeff and Lauren fishing. And they spent a good part of their time talking about Hank and Kendra too.

Afterward, they review the exercise with the boot camp directors.

Lauren can’t deal with Mike’s celebrity status when they’re out at clubs and in the real world. She feels insecure when other women look at Mike. My take on it? She better get over it or find a new boyfriend. He’s not THAT famous anymore anyway. And if you don’t want to deal with him being a celeb, why are you appearing on a reality show with him now? It’s only going to help people recognize him again. Or is Lauren trying to make herself recognizable now too?

Jordan felt relaxed with Reggie. He says she just wants Jeff to show a little more appreciation. What he’s really saying is that he just wants Tammy to show him some mercy. But that’s not going to happen. He’s met her, right?

The directors are open about the fact that they paired Travis with Kendra because he’s been so judgmental about their marriage.

“I think the lesson in it for me is that it’s not my place to judge and it’s not my place to force whatever my experience is in this journey on Kendra and Hank,” Travis says. My read is that he’s totally fake and realized he looks like an a**hole so he’s trying to backpedal.

“But I don’t think that changes the fact they’re not being honest with themselves or anyone else here,” Travis says in interview. Two-faced. Yep, I called it. He’s such a piece of s**t.

After the evals, the couples split up, and Hank goes to tell Kendra what happened. Suddenly, she’s not sure she can handle it. OMG. Seriously. Don’t do it girl – there’s only a couple minutes left in the episode. AAHHHHHH!

“Am I strong enough to listen? Am I strong enough to forgive?” Kendra asks.

And of course, the episode ends with a teaser promising that next week, Hank will actually tell Kendra the truth. I’m fairly certain WEtv and Thinkfactory Media are trying to make us all crazy.

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