Sam Heughan gives a new update on Season 7 of Outlander

Sam Heughan stars as Jamie Fraser In Starz's Outlander, as seen in a promotional still for Season 6
Sam Heughan stars as Jamie Fraser in Outlander, as seen in a promotional still for Season 6. Pic credit: Starz

Filming is currently underway for Season 7 of Outlander, meaning fans are desperate to find out whatever they can about what happens next in the hit time-traveling historical drama series.

Recently, Sam Heughan alerted fans via social media that he was currently doing night shoots in Scotland.

Now, the actor has given a further update in relation to production on Season 7, hinting at when filming will conclude. This means that viewers can start estimating when exactly Season 7 might air.

On top of that, Heughan also revealed that he never thought Outlander would become as big as it is.

Season 7 of Outlander is in production

After the shortened Season 6 of Outlander, Starz has already announced that Season 7 will feature a bumper amount of episodes.

However, with 16 episodes to be filmed, it also means that the droughtlander is expected to be great between Seasons 6 and 7.

However, Heughan was recently interviewed by Esquire and has given a tentative date of when the network expects filming to conclude.

“We’re shooting season seven and it’s flying by,” Heughan said.

“It feels like we started yesterday but already we’re on our sixth episode. This season is going to take a while, it’s an 18-episode bumper mega season, so we probably won’t be finished until March or February of next year.”

Previously, Digital Spy had suggested that fans might get their Outlander fix as soon as the end of this year.

Their other estimate of May 2023 might also be hard to meet if don’t finish filming until March. Although, if Outlander is filmed in order and production is completed during filming, there is still the possibility that Starz might release Season 7 early in anticipation of finalizing later episodes in the meantime.

Caitriona Balfe as Claire and Sam Heughan as Jamie, as seen in Season 6 of Starz's Outlander
Caitriona Balfe as Claire and Sam Heughan as Jamie, as seen in Season 6 of Outlander. Pic credit: Starz

Sam Heughan never expected Outlander to be this big

While book fans of Outlander expected the TV show to be huge, for Heughan, it was a very unexpected rise to fame.

When asked if he ever thought Outlander would be as successful on TV as it has become, he gave a resounding “No” as his answer.

“I didn’t know anything of the books when I first started and I remember my first day with my driver and we were driving into work, and he was like ‘How long do you think this will go for?’ and I said: ‘Probably a year, maybe two?’” Heughan continued.

Instead of a couple of years, Outlander has now reached a decade of production and Heughan is very happy with the “incredible journey.”

And, with three more books of the Outlander series still to go, it is possible that the TV show will continue strongly for more years to come.

Outlander has been renewed for Season 7, but, as yet, no premiere date has been released by Starz.

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