Sagging skin leaves military wife Julie a prisoner in her own home on TLC’s Skin Tight

Julie talks about her obesity and weight-loss problems which have left her with excess skin

Tonight on TLC’s Skin Tight we meet young mom Julie M — who is ashamed of her body after being left with large amounts of excess skin following huge weight-loss.

After a traumatic childhood of relentless bullying, she gorged on food to ease the pain.

Julie before the weight loss that left her disfigured

Married quite young, she gave birth to a daughter before suffering two miscarriages in 2013. Husband Rashad, who is in the military, was deployed shortly after the second miscarriage and she was left to deal with the ordeal alone.

As a result, she gained a vast amount of weight — topping out at 363-lb.

Rashad’s shock at her weight gain when he returned from deployment inspired her to have gastric bypass surgery to shed the pounds.

Julie must powder her tummy to keep the skin from creating raw spots

However, after slimming down the quantity of excess skin she’s been left with is more than she can bear.

It sags and makes her feel ashamed to be seen undressed, so much so that she says she no longer feels like she can live her life properly.

Julie is desperate to rid her frame of this excess skin

As a result, Julie has become a prisoner in her home, shut inside because the sagging skin has driven her to the point of seclusion.

She literally hides inside her home and she and husband Rashad are drifting apart. She is also unable to be as much a part of her daughter Evie’s life as she would like.

Julie with husband Rashad and their daughter Evie

Julie hopes skin surgery will repair the rift in her marriage and allow her to become a better mother to her anxious daughter.

Watch and see what becomes of Julie…

Also on tonight’s episode of Skin Tight, we hear the story of Jenae, a single mom who never learned how to properly cook for her family let alone educate herself on what nutrition a body needs.

Gorging on junk and processed foods created a weight gain situation so out of control, medically mandated weight loss was ordered.

Now a widow with three young children, a near-fatal respiratory condition put her on a path to early mortality as it took a visit to the ICU to get to losing 350-lb.

With great weight gain and loss comes sagging skin. Now she is a young grandmother, and Jenae is desperate to shed the skin that hampers her life and acts as a reminder of her painful past.

Will her surgery be a remarkable reveal? We will see on tonight’s show.

Skin Tight airs Wednesdays At 10/9c on TLC.

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