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Safaree Samuels’ leaked ‘eggplant’ picture turned into a million-dollar sex toy deal: Here’s how you can get one

Safaree Samuels talks about his leaked eggplant picture on Love & Hip Hop New York
Did Safaree change his mind or did he take a million from Doc Johnson? Pic credit: VH1

Last year, a leaked picture of Safaree Samuels’ “eggplant” surfaced and had fans everywhere swooning over the size of his sausage. The picture was so impressive that it even caught the eye of the executives over at sex toy company Doc Johnson, who wanted to monetize Safaree’s member.

In the days following the x-rated overshare of Safaree’s eggplant, reactions were mixed as some made fun of the Love & Hip Hop star for being put on blast like that while others now understood why Nicki Minaj kept him by her side for so long.

Safaree took it in his stride and signed that deal with Doc Johnson. They wanted him to create a mold of his eggplant so that it can become a mass produced line of sex toys.

Safaree didn’t seem phased by all of the attention he was getting for his leaked nude photos. Instead, he started doing his own publicity, even posting a screenshot of a TMZ article about his soon-to-be memorialized “anaconda”.

As we saw on Love & Hip Hop, things changed for Safaree when he started talking to his friends about his big business venture. Remy Ma wasn’t impressed and several other LHHNY stars suggested that getting into the sex toy business would distract from his music career.

That gave Safaree second thoughts about completing his Doc Johnson deal but he had one big problem — he already signed the contract. Does that mean there’s a Safaree eggplant replica available for purchase now or did he dash a lot of hopes and drop the deal?

After a bit of digging for a Safaree sex toy available for purchase, we were able to find a little something on Doc Johnson’s website.

It’s not clear what the hold up might be but there is no indication that Safaree’s sex toy deal has been squashed. Instead, there’s a form to sign up for notifications so they can reach out when Safaree’s product becomes available.

The lead in reads:

Safaree Samuels’ manhood made headlines this year, and now he’s teamed up with Doc Johnson to mold it into a lifelike adult toy you can take home. Sign up here to be notified as soon as the Anaconda is available for purchase and receive special offers from Doc Johnson!

Doc Johnson website

So while it looks like there’s been a delay or at least no rush on turning Safaree’s eggplant picture into a 3D model of his manhood, it’s still a possibility that many are looking forward to having one in their hands at some point.

Love & Hip Hop airs on Mondays at 8/7c on VH1.

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