Ryan Seacrest is a ‘bundle of nerves’ ahead of Wheel of Fortune debut: ‘Bit off more than he can chew’

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Ryan is reportedly suffering severe anxiety ahead of his Wheel of Fortune debut. Pic credit: ©

Ryan Seacrest has some humongous shoes to fill this fall as the new host of Wheel of Fortune, and the pressure is getting to him.

According to a Wheel of Fortune insider, Ryan is struggling with the idea of taking over for his predecessor, Pat Sajak.

Talking with Closer Weekly, the source revealed that the 49-year-old TV host “tends to bite off more than he can chew.”

The insider added, “He’s a bundle of nerves right now, but he wanted to be the next Dick Clark, and that’s what he’s become.”

“He’s only human, though — and filling Pat Sajak’s huge shoes on Wheel of Fortune is a challenge of epic proportions.”

Ryan will begin taping new episodes of Wheel of Fortune in September 2024. While the anticipation continues to build up, the American Idol host has been using techniques to lessen his anxiety.

A Wheel of Fortune insider shares Ryan Seacrest’s secrets to combatting anxiety

Reportedly, Ryan is “doing everything possible” to deal with the stress because he “is such a workaholic that he never knows how to clock off on his own.”

Ryan’s techniques for combatting stress include sleeping at least eight hours per night, listening to audiobooks, going outside for some fresh air and sunshine to calm himself, drinking herbal teas to calm his nervous system, doing yoga, chanting mantras, using essential oil aromatherapy, getting massages, and listening to Tibetan singing bowls.

“You can bet he’ll have a cozy, air-conditioned trailer at the studio where he can retreat to unwind,” the insider added.

Ryan paid tribute to Pat Sajak ahead of his September 2024 Wheel of Fortune premiere

Come September, Ryan will join Vanna White on stage at Sony Pictures Studios as he begins his new job as the host of Wheel of Fortune.

As he prepares to take the stage as Wheel of Fortune’s new host, Ryan has sung Pat Sajak’s praises.

On Instagram earlier this month, Ryan paid tribute to Pat, congratulating him on his “incredible” 40-plus year run on Wheel of Fortune.

“Your dedication, charm, and wit have made the show a beloved part of American television for decades,” Ryan gushed.

“You’ve set the standard for hosts everywhere, and this marks the end of an era,” he continued. “Best wishes for all your future endeavors!”

Wheel watchers have mixed emotions about Ryan taking Pat’s job

Ryan is certainly under intense pressure to perform, following in the footsteps of television icon Pat Sajak.

Wheel watchers will get to see for themselves whether Ryan has what it takes to pull off Pat’s former job as host of Wheel of Fortune.

Longtime Wheel watchers have expressed differing opinions about Ryan taking over the helm.

Some are excited for Ryan to show viewers what he’s got up his sleeve, while others have complained that Sony could have chosen someone better for the job, even going as far as refusing to watch once Ryan makes his debut later this fall.

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7 days ago

He is nervous because he knows that he is the reason a lot of fans will no longer watch WOF! Of all people to get to be the new host why did they pick someone no one likes! I for one will no longer watch the show when he takes over.
Vanna is right to want to leave!

Patty Maxon
Patty Maxon
2 days ago

Ryan will do a great job!❤️

Art Hannibal & family
Art Hannibal & family
2 days ago

Could of picked a person that was not so full of himself Vanna has a right to feel skeptical about working with this person probably will cease to watch the show