Ryan Seacrest congratulates Pat Sajak on ‘iconic’ Wheel of Fortune career: ‘This marks the end of an era’

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Ryan sent Pat Sajak his best wishes following his Wheel of Fortune retirement. Pic credit: © Mcgee/Globe Photos/Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency

It won’t be long now before Ryan Seacrest takes over for Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune.

Pat filmed his final episode last week, marking the end of his 41-year tenure on the popular weeknight game show.

Pat’s last episode evoked strong emotions for longtime Wheel watchers, who found themselves in tears watching his exit speech.

After watching Pat’s final episode, Ryan took to Instagram to bid farewell to the Wheel of Fortune legend and sent him his best wishes.

Ryan uploaded a set of photos and videos of himself, Pat Sajak, and Wheel of Fortune co-host Vanna White.

The trio posed for a photo in front of the wheel in the first slide and were seen schmoozing with each other in the second as they shared a playful moment behind the scenes.

“Pat, congratulations on an incredible run with Wheel of Fortune!” Ryan began his heartfelt caption.

Ryan Seacrest calls Pat Sajak’s Wheel of Fortune run ‘nothing short of iconic’

“Your dedication, charm, and wit have made the show a beloved part of American television for decades. Your partnership with Vanna has been nothing short of iconic, and together, you’ve created countless wonderful memories for viewers,” he continued.

Ryan concluded his caption, “You’ve set the standard for hosts everywhere, and this marks the end of an era. Best wishes for all your future endeavors!”

More than 43,000 of Ryan’s 6.5 million Instagram followers liked the post, and in the comments section, the American Idol host was met with warm welcomes from his fans.

Wheel watchers welcome Ryan Seacrest with open arms

One Instagram user commented that it was the “best executive decision choosing Ryan at Pat’s replacement,” expressing how they can’t wait for Ryan and Vanna to “become wheel buddies!”

ryan seacrest's instagram followers comment on his post
Pic credit: @ryanseacrest/Instagram

“I’m so happy you will be back on tv Ryan,” wrote @ginafellona, adding how much she’s missed seeing Ryan on TV and congratulating Pat on his retirement.

Others voiced how “thrilled” they are to hear that Ryan will host Wheel of Fortune beginning in Season 42, calling him “THE BEST” person to take on the job.

One of Ryan’s follower’s comments caught his attention when they wished him “the very best” at Wheel of Fortune, telling him he’ll be “great.”

“Thank you for those kind words!” replied Ryan.

Ryan Seacrest will become Vanna White’s new sidekick

It’ll be quite the adjustment for Wheel watchers not to see Pat Sajak on their TV screens, but they’ll continue to see a familiar face—Vanna White.

Ryan will join Vanna at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California after Pat’s longtime co-host decided she would stay on board for at least a few more years.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Vanna recently admitted, “When I heard that Pat was retiring, I thought maybe I should retire too. But I’m not ready!”

Like Ryan, Vanna paid tribute to Pat on Instagram following his final episode, sharing two photos of herself and Pat filming Wheel of Fortune over the years.

In the caption of the post, Vanna reminisced, “From the sand 🏝️, to the snow ❄️, and the many roads traveled in between – what a wonderful ride it’s been!”

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