Ryan Seacrest ‘can’t wait’ to work alongside Vanna White: ‘I’m ready!’

ryan seacrest 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards
Ryan is excited about working with Vanna. Pic credit: © AdMedia

Ryan Seacrest is excited to share the stage with a Wheel of Fortune legend.

Vanna White was Pat Sajak’s sidekick for four decades, but soon, she’ll be working alongside a new co-host.

Following Pat’s retirement announcement, Ryan revealed that he would be taking over the helm at Sony Pictures Studios.

With Ryan’s Wheel of Fortune debut just around the corner, he’s hinting more and more about his new hosting gig.

Wheel of Fortune recently shared a Reel on Instagram, showcasing Ryan and Vanna working together for the first time.

In the video, the letters on the tile board read, “This Fall,” before Ryan appeared next to Vanna as they approached the camera.

Ryan Seacrest ‘can’t wait to get to work’ at Wheel of Fortune

“I can’t wait to get to work!” Ryan told Vanna in the clip.

Vanna pulled out a megaphone and replied, “Let’s get you ready for fall!”

The rest of the clip featured Ryan and Vanna playfully engaging in some made-up Wheel of Fortune boot camp exercises.

Ryan pretended to race outside the studio as Vanna followed him in a golf cart, turned the wheel with bricks loaded up on it, and exclaimed, “I’m ready!” as confetti covered the stage.

The Reel’s caption read, “Ryan and Vanna are READY! Who else is 🙋🙋”

The post was liked by thousands, and in the comments section, Wheel watchers expressed both excitement and dread concerning Ryan’s debut this September.

Wheel of Fortune viewers are divided about Ryan taking over for Pat Sajak

One of Ryan’s critics wrote, “Never like Seacrest. After forty years I’m going to no longer be a wheel watcher. Maggie, Blossom anybody but seacrest. Nope not going to watch.”

Another hater added a gif reading, “NOPE.”

“No thanks … I retired from this show with Pat,” added another commenter. “I can’t stand Ryan … good luck Vanna.”

wheel of fortune viewers comment on ryan seacrest on instagram
Pic credit: @wheeloffortune/Instagram

Others, however, were excited to see what Ryan’s got when he takes the stage this fall.

“I love Ryan!!!” wrote one Instagram user, who felt Ryan would do a “fantastic” job.

Another fan who grew up watching Wheel of Fortune wrote how excited they are to see the show “live on even longer with Ryan!!”

Ryan is ready for his September 2024 debut

Ryan is beginning to drop hints on social media that he’s ready for his new gig.

Taking to Instagram ahead of the holiday weekend, Ryan posed with a Wheel of Fortune mug as he enjoyed his morning cup of Joe.

Ryan sipped from the mug, looking casual in a plaid shirt as he snapped a selfie from home.

In his caption, he wrote, “Brewing up some morning fortune #coffee #coffeelover.”

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3 days ago

Not excited about Ryan at all! My heart sank when I heard he was replacing Pat.