Ryan Ashley supports Teej Poole at the Ink Master Season 11 finale: What is the relationship between the pair?

Teej Poole faces the judges on the Ink Master Season 11 finale. Pic credit: Paramount

The Ink Master Season 11 finale was a total showdown and the final two came down to Teej Poole and Tony Medellin. With the tension high and so much on the line, they both needed all the support they could get.

In Teej’s case, he had Ink Master: Angels star Ryan Ashley sitting with his family and even holding one of his children. Seeing Ryan sitting with the family brought up some viewer questions about the relationship between the two artists.

It turns out that Teej and Ryan have a bit of history and, no, we’re not talking about a history of the romantic type. Based on a little sleuthing, it’s clear that Ryan has bonded with Teej’s family throughout their Ink Master journeys and may even have been friends before joining the show.

Ryan Ashley spotted sitting with Teej Poole’s family at the Ink Master Season 11 finale. Pic credit: Paramount

Keep in mind that Teej Poole’s Season 11 run on Ink Master was made possible after he beat out Kelly Doty on Ink Master: Angels to win his spot and Ryan was there to witness it. However, there is evidence of a friendship between Ryan Ashley and Teej Poole’s family prior to that.

Back in October 2017, Ryan shared a photo to Instagram that showed Ryan Ashley with his entire family in Valencia, Spain. In the comments, Ryan was even asked if he was planning to appear on Ink Master: Angels and, well, we know that did happen.

While there were many questions after the Season 11 finale of Ink Master about whether Teej Poole and Ryan Ashley might be dating, it’s safe to say that they are not. Teej is happily married with children and Ryan is in a happy relationship of her own.

Ryan does seem to have a special friendship with Teej and his family, though, as she’s now been spotted spending time with them on a few occasions.

Ink Master is expected to return in 2019 for Season 12. 

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