Rounderbum on Shark Tank is underwear that enhances your physique

Rounderbum on Shark Tank
Models demonstrate Rounderbum’s padded shirts on Shark Tank

Rounderbum, a company which features on this week’s Shark Tank, create underwear that enhances your physique in various different ways — from “lifting” to adding padding.

Depending on which product you choose, the underwear will use any of five different “technologies” used by the firm.

The first adds lift for a “subtle and discreet change” to your buttocks, while the second adds padding for more gluteal volume and definition.

The third is called “Package Technology” — and enhances male attributes by lifting the genitals. It also comes with a removable cup to add more bulk to the groin area.

Rounderbum on Shark Tank
Jonathan Diersing, right, from Rounderbum demonstrating the underwear on Shark Tank

The fourth technology is compression, which gives parts of your body the impression of firmness. Lastly, the fifth — Anatomic Technology — allows for better fit including a sideways pouch.

Rounderbum’s underwear comes in several different styles.

As well as underwear, Rounderbum also create shirts, some which compress and others with padding to make you look more muscly. They also have a “bum-shaping panty” for women.

How much does Rounderbum underwear cost?

Rounderbum underwear is generally in the $20-25 range although there are more expensive options, and sometimes also sale items at a discount.

Where can you buy it?

You can buy the company’s products on the website, and they also have a store locator for physical stores that stock their products. They are also available on Amazon.

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