Ronnie Pace on Street Outlaws: Who is his wife?

Barefoot Ronnie and Emerald in a photo from Big Lube's Facebook page. Pic credit: Big Lube/Facebook
Barefoot Ronnie and Emerald in a photo from Big Lube’s Facebook page. Pic credit: Big Lube/Facebook

On the latest episode of Street Outlaws on Discovery, Houston racing legend Ronnie “Barefoot” Pace was featured as Texas was pitted against OKC, and Ronnie’s wife Emerald was also featured too. Fans want to know all about this hot grandma who supports her man.

Barefoot Ronnie Pace is called this name on account of his bare feet spotted when he hits the track. This Weatherford, Texas native and has been Street racing for over 25 years and his fans love his commitment to the sport and his family.

Ronnie Pace’s wife Emerald even did a top ten list about her man on Facebook.  In her list, however, she negates the bare feet rumor.

In her post titled “Ten things I bet you didn’t know about Barefoot Ronnie Pace,” Emerald laid out the details people may not know about her racer husband.

One of the tidbits included that “KC’s “Big Chief” gave “Barefoot Ronnie” his nickname over 10 years ago, he saw him get out of his car after a race without any shoes on, and that is that.”

She also wrote: “He really does drive barefoot, except when its cold.”

Emerald also shared that “Barefoot Ronnie is 43 years young, has been with his wife (Emerald) for 28 years, and will celebrate 25 years of marriage in December. (they have 2 children, a son (Gray) that is 25 and a daughter (Bree) that is 23 and 2 grand babies.”

But Emerald Pace is looking for business opportunities of her own. She posted on her Facebook page she was seeking a clothing sponsorship:

Emerald also used her Facebook page to call out friends not happy for their success in racing:

Emerald also has her eyes on the ratings for the series too as witnessed by her comments on this post on Facebook:

Fans of the Street Outlaws series on Discovery know that Outlaw Street Racing differs from regular drag racing. Street racers use a “no-prep rule” eschewing any chemical treatments to the pavement and like the way clandestine rural races are settled, the wins are decided by visual decree-like what JJ Da Boss does in his races.

Street Outlaws airs on Mondays on Discovery.

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