Robin Williams’ widow Susan speaks out over his dementia struggle on People Icons

Susan Williams speaks about husband Robin's struggle with dementia on People Icons
Susan Williams speaks about husband Robin’s struggle with dementia on People Icons

Robin Williams’s widow Susan Schneider speaks about his death tonight on ABC’s People Icons — and says she hopes cures for dementia can be found soon.

The much-loved actor and comedian took his own life in August 2014 at his home in Paradise Cay, California.

It later emerged he had been struggling with Lewy body dementia, a version of the condition which gradually worsens over time.

Tonight his widow Susan appears in a special ‘Gone Too Soon’ episode of People Icons on ABC, which tells the stories behind famous cover stories from People magazine.

During the interview she talks about how widespread the issue is around the world, and how she hopes that through saving awareness the lives of millions can be improved.

She says: “Right now 47million people worldwide are suffering from dementia.

“I’m hoping we can raise awareness enough that we’ll get to cures fast so other people don’t have to suffer like he did.”

The special People Icons episode also pays tribute to a string of other celebrities who died too soon.

It features an interview with Whitney Houston’s closest friend BeBe Winans who talks about the bond she shared with the singer.

Patrick Swayze’s widow Lisa Niami also takes part, and it includes a tribute to singer Prince including an interview with his sister Tyka Nelson.

People Icons airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on ABC. 

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