My 600-lb Life: Robin brings nephew to Houston as they enter weight loss program together

Robin McKinley, her husband James and Garrett on My 600-lb Life. Pic credit: TLC

On tonight’s episode of My 600-lb Life, you get a bit of a two-fer as Robin McKinley, 40, weighs in at 648 pounds and her nephew, Garrett, is over 600 pounds, too. Together, they’re joined by Robin’s husband James as the three meet Dr. Younan Nowzaradan in our clip.

Robin’s not in Kansas anymore!

The family travels all the way from Meade, Kansas, which, Dr. Now notes in the clip, has put immense pressure and pain on their joints.

“It’s not easy for anyone over 600 pounds to travel that distance… so are you all feeling alright?” Dr. Now asks.

“I am interested in your weight loss program,” Robin tells Dr. Now.

There’s more to Robin’s backstory.

Though not included in the clip, Robin’s brother, Chris, also plans to take part in the family journey. Both siblings are very obese, and have already lost a sibling to obesity.

That death was the catalyst that prompted Robin to act. Their plans are upended, however, when Chris suffers a stroke and can’t go.

Robin takes Garrett, Chris’s son, instead. The warning signs are flashing, as Dr. Now notes that Garrett, at age 20, is poised to be the world’s heaviest human if he does not get some food religion fast.

“That’s a lot of weight for you to be at such a young age,” Dr. Now tells Garrett.

Religion is a theme here. Garrett is part of a devout Christian family, and his aunt Robin ministers to youth back in Kansas.

Robin’s journey to obesity is a similar tale told on this series, as a lifetime of suffering abuse has created a body that now imprisons her.

Dr. Now has his work cut out as Robin relies heavily on food, and with obesity running in her family, this genetic disposition — combined with using food the wrong way to cope — is a deadly path to be on, and she needs to relearn her habits.

Also adding stress is the fact that Robin recently lost a sister to congestive heart failure, a loss she is still actively mourning.

Chris wants to live, and wants his son to be healthy, too. Both siblings know they need help to rein in their weight gain and get their lives on a better track.

Health concerns are also an issue. Robin’s weight has ended her career as a teacher, as she can no longer get around and now needs a wheelchair for nearly everything, because her weight has caused the cartilage in her knees to degrade.

In addition, her bones are wearing, as there is no cushion to protect them as they rub together.

Her pain levels are off the charts, and this trip to Houston was nearly unbearable.

James, Robin’s husband, is her rock and support, and has brought the two to Dr. Now in Houston so they can get help immediately.

The good news is that Robin and Garrett have put their faith in Dr. Now and themselves, as they appear to be motivated to count calories and even exercise.

But tonight, watch how Robin’s other bad habit, cigarettes, might derail her surgery. Smoking dramatically ups the risks of general anesthesia to lethal levels.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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