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Robin and Garrett from My 600-lb Life: Where are they now?

Robin is beaming as she continues her weight loss journey. Pic credit: Robin McKinley/Facebook

The progress of last night’s subjects on My 600-lb Life, Robin McKinley and Garrett Rogers, has been a big talking point for viewers of the show.

And to quote Robin’s husband James from his Facebook post comment on her latest photo, he says: “There’s my purdy lady!”

On Wednesday’s edition of My 600-lb Life, we previewed the story of a Kansas family in it to win it for their fight on obesity.

We met Robin McKinley, a former teacher who at age 40 was made a premature invalid by her enormous weight of 648 pounds.

Having to use a wheelchair, she said that the cartilage in her knee was gone and her bones were rubbing causing excrutiating pain.

Robin, James and Garrett on My 600-lb Life. Pic credit: TLC

The family headed to Dr. Younan Nowzaradan’s clinic in Houston, Texas. Robin’s nephew Garrett was also is in dire straits with his weight.

Her brother Chris was also supposed to be with them but he had a health scare. The two siblings recently lost a sister and are both grieving still.

Robin said in our preview yesterday: “My brother Chris had decided to go with me to Houston to get Dr. Now’s help.

“We were supposed to leave and go down there a couple of weeks ago but Chris had a heart attack while he was sleeping and he almost didn’t make it.

“It was so scary and I’m thankful he’s starting to recover but the doctors said he’s not going to be well enough to travel for a while. I really wanted Chris to go to Texas with me.”

Chris’s son Garrett was sent to go with his aunt for help, and made Dr. Now especially concerned. He is only 20 years old and more than 600 pounds, and according to the doctor, on track to be the heaviest person in the world.

But from Garrett’s recent picture posted on his Facebook, he looks to be slimmer and happier, which is great news.

Garrett posted this happy picture on his Facebook page. Pic credit: Garrett Rogers/Facebook

Garrett even has created a Go Fund Me page to have people help him “better his life.”

Garrett looks professional and ready to change his life here. Pic credit: Garrett Rogers/Go Fund Me

The family looks to be on the right track and we will keep following their weight loss journey, stay tuned for updates!

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays on TLC.

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