RIP Gloria Frost: Who is Kirk Frost’s mom and how did she die?

Gloria Frost Kirk Frost's mom LHHATL
Rasheeda supports Kirk Frost at his mother’s funeral. Pic credit: Kirk Frost/Instagram

Last night on Love & Hip Hop; Atlanta, things got serious for Rasheeda and Kirk Frost as the cameras rolled — when he told her the tragic news that his mom had died.

Despite the drama the pair have been going through for more than year now, Rasheeda dropped her anger and cried with Kirk. Rasheeda promised to stand by Kirk while he grieves, and the scenes on the show were emotional for all involved, including fans.

Kirk opened up about what happened to his mom, Gloria Frost, during the latest LHHATL episode. He told Rasheeda that he had just spoken with her two days prior and couldn’t believe that his mom was gone. Kirk told Rasheeda the details leading up to his mom’s death, making the whole story even sadder.

It turns out that Gloria Frost died alone in her home on January 26, 2018. Kirk’s mom was found deceased in her bed after failing to answer the door for a scheduled visit. After hearing the television on inside, police were called. After they kicked in Gloria’s door, she was found in her bed. She was just 66 years old.

Kirk initially shared the news on Instagram with a video of himself and his mother. He captioned the video with the announcement of her death, writing, “Never thought that today would start out like this #rip mom I love you so much and don’t know how my life is going to be without you ?????? don’t know how to tell Karter his grandma is in heaven now he loves you much.”

He added: “We just talk to you 2 days ago and ask when you coming back to see us and you said in may…I’m lost for words it just four days away from my birthday and you left us..I am so hurt ????♥️♥️#rip mom.”

Even though Kirk and Rasheeda have been dealing with his infidelity, she was quick to support her husband during the loss of his mother. Rasheeda managed to drop her anger, at least temporarily, and stay by Kirk’s side. She even posted in memory of Gloria Frost on Instagram.

Gloria passed away just four days shy of Kirk’s birthday, causing the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star to not want a celebration. Rasheeda took it upon herself to throw Kirk a party and make sure he was surrounded by family and friends for his special day even though he was still grieving the sudden loss of his mother.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on VH1.

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2 years ago

What was the cause of death? I send my condolences.