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Rift on TLC’s Tattoo Girls as new artist Liz gets frosty welcome

Liz Cook keeps smiling despite getting the cold shoulder on Tattoo Girls
Liz Cook keeps smiling despite getting the cold shoulder on Tattoo Girls

TLC’s hit new reality show Tattoo Girls turns frosty this week — when new girl Liz Cook gets a frosty welcome from longtime artists Megan and Nikki.

Kelsey — owner of the all-female Ink Ink studio in Springfield, Missouri — introduces the new addition to the ladies while they work.

But Megan and Nikki are immediately put out because they haven’t been included in the hiring process, and because she’s already a fully-trained artist — which goes against their old rule of only taking people in who they can train up themselves.

Nikki immediately slags her off, saying she thought she was a sex-toy seller. And she pulls Kelsey up, saying: “Are we changing the rules now? I thought we hired people and we trained them here.”

And when Kelsey lays down the law, Nikki hits back saying: “So we’re not a team any more?”

Kelsey says: “At Ink Ink I usually train everyone in house as that’s where the teamwork comes into play, but I don’t have time to train someone.

“I need someone who can hit hard and hit now.”

But she hasn’t heard the end of it from Megan and Nikki, especially when Nikki finds one of her clients poached…

Tattoo Girls airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on TLC. 

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