Rhythm + Flow auditions: How does one sign up to be a contestant? What is the prize money?

Snoop Dogg, TI, Chance the Rapper, and Cardi B from Rhythm + Flow
Snoop Dogg, TI, Chance the Rapper, and Cardi B from Rhythm + Flow. Pic credit: Netflix

This week Netflix dropped a new show called Rhythm + Flow that is making waves with music fans everywhere. As we have previously written, stars like Londynn B and Rae Khalil are kicking a** and taking names on the popular Netflix reality competition, but now we are exploring what it looks like to be on the show.

Rhythm + Flow is sure to be the next American Idol in both popularity and music styles, just with a more targeted demographic. Rhythm + Flow is entrancing viewers everywhere with a massive amount of talent and a dream that just might come true.

And given its popularity, how could you be in the next season? With your brand of rap, if you were to land a spot on the show, what might you win?

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Rhythm + Flow Feat. Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, and TIP | Official Trailer | Netflix

What’s Rhythm + Flow about?

For anyone who can turn rap up and drive around screaming the lyrics to the beat, and feel a bad day get better, Rhythm + Flow is the show for you.

What’s the show’s premise? The show features big-name rappers you are already jamming to, on the hunt for the next big name in their game. In short, it’s about rappers supporting other rappers and giving them a chance in one of the most challenging industries to break into.

So which rappers are helping choose the next generation of rhymes? T.I., Cardi B., and Chance The Rapper. They also have guest judges like Snoop Dogg, Jada Kiss, Fat Joe, Lupe Fiasco, and so many more.

At first, people interested in auditioning had a beat and on the fly made up rhymes in an effort to impress the judges and prove they had what it takes to make it in the world of rap. Whoever wins this season, according to Newsweek, will win 250,000 big ones and a host spot on Spotify’s Rap Caviar Live show.

Variety goes on to explain that the artists aren’t in danger of losing the rights to their rhymes because Netflix has agreed to let them make their own decisions when it comes to deciding who has the rights to their music.

Cardi, Chance, TIP, & Snoop are wowed by Saxon's Surprising Performance | Netflix

How can someone sign up for Rhythm + Flow?

Do you think you have what it takes to spit your own rhymes? Then maybe you want to do more than binge-watch Rhythm + Flow on Netflix. Perhaps you want to be the next big name in rap. So, how could you get a shot at the show that could make you a star?

Unfortunately, the website is down. Maybe T.I. forgot to pay his GoDaddy bill. But, if you want a shot at the next season, here’s what you need to know.

Decider explains that, as with everything else, first, there is paperwork. Once you put the boring part behind you, you get to start having fun. If you haven’t come up with your rapper name yet, now is the time. Just be sure it’s a good one because people could be calling you that forever.

Then you answer the more important questions like why you want to be the next big thing, what you currently do for your dough, and who in your life and music has made the most significant difference — the who behind the why in other words.

The final and most fun step is when you send in two photos of yourself (if you don’t have headshots, get those done ASAP), and a video of you doing your thing.

But be sure that whatever rhyme is currently rolling around in your head is no more than three months old because it has to be recent. So, while this season is closed, maybe you can refine your work and be the next big star on Rhythm + Flow in the future seasons.

Rhythm + Flow is now streaming on Netflix.

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