Revenge killing of Dr. David Cornbleet, solved with CCTV, on See No Evil

Dr. David Cornbleet, whose killing is featured on tonight's See No Evil
Dr. David Cornbleet with his son. Cornbleet Snr’s killing is featured on See No Evil. Pic: Family photo

This week’s See No Evil on Investigation Discovery examines the harrowing case of devoted family man Dr. David Cornbleet, who was brutally killed in his dermatology office in Chicago in 2006.

The new episode, titled The Doctor Will See You, traces how police used security-camera footage to identify Hans Peterson, an aggrieved patient of Cornbleet, as his killer.

The doctor’s daughter discovered her father bound and gagged, stabbed to death and laying in a pool of blood. Police then identified the man with a hidden face on closed-circuit television as Peterson, who had absconded to the island of St. Martin after the incident.

Enhanced video of suspect in Cornbleet murder

Authorities in the French-controlled island refused to extradite him on murder charges, since Peterson’s mother was a French citizen, according to NBC News.

But eventually, in 2011, a French court in Guadalupe — an island near St. Martin — reportedly convicted Peterson of first-degree murder. Peterson had given a detailed account of the incident and accused the deceased doctor of prescribing him an acne medication that made him impotent, NBC News reported.

The killer received a sentence of life in prison.

Chicago Magazine later said of Cornbleet’s killing: “it unfolded like an episode of Law & Order …the motive turns out to be Peterson’s belief that a popular, controversial acne medication prescribed by Cornbleet ruined the suspect’s life.”

See No Evil airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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