Return to Shepherdstown the most haunted town in America

Return to Shepherdstown
Return to Shepherdstown takes the cameras back to the most haunted town in America

Return to Shepherdstown is an hour long special giving an update on the town where things went bump in the night more often than not.

The five-man team at the local sheriff department were getting a lot of reports of paranormal activity and decided to hire a team of paranormal investigators to help them pin down exactly what was happening in the town.

A sort of real life Ghostbusters, the Ghosts of Shepherdstown series aired on Destination America over the summer and followed paranormal investigator Nick Groff, paranormal tech expert Bill Hartley and the sensitive to the supernatural Elizabeth Saint.

The town itself is in  Jefferson County, West Virginia and dates back to the 1750s. A disturbingly large percentage of the 1750 population have reported strange incidents and encounters, with some called it the most haunted town in America.

Now the cameras return to Shepherdstown and find that there are still reports of ghosts, whispers of strange activity and a general feeling of unease amongst the population.

Catch up with the creepy town in Return to Shepherdstown at 8:00 PM on TLC.

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