Reef Break: Where is island TV show is filmed on?

Reef Break
Reef Break, starring Poppy Montgomery as Cat Chambers, was filmed in Gold Coast, Australia. Pic credit: ABC

Reef Break, a new crime drama series which premiered on ABC on Thursday, follows Cat Chambers, formerly a notorious thief and smuggler, who returns to Nimitz Bay in the fictional Pacific U.S. territory of Reef Island after five years to testify against the man who tried to murder her.

She ends up hired as a fixer by Ana DuMont (Melissa Bonne), the governor of the Island.

In the pilot of the series, the impulsive, reckless, but attractive Cat Chambers, played by Poppy Montgomery (Without A Trace, Unforgettable), is tasked with finding the kidnapped daughter of a wealthy resident of the island.

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Paired with Detective Wyatt Cole (Desmond Chaim), Cat, guided by her instincts and insight into the criminal mind — given her background as a thief and smuggler — becomes involved in a fast-paced adventure on the sun-drenched Pacific island, alive with surf, sex, and crime.

The adventure brings old friends, enemies, and her ex-husband, FBI agent Ray Stevenson (Jake Elliot), back into her life.

Where is the island where the TV show is filmed?

The ABC Studios-Franch M6 co-production is filmed on Gold Coast in the state of Queensland, Australia.

Queensland is in northeast Australia. The City of Gold Coast, located about 66 kilometers south-southeast of the City of Brisbane, is a leading tourist destination.

The metropolitan area is the second most populous in Australia after the Brisbane metro area.

Tourism is the Gold Coast’s primary industry. The sunny subtropical climate is known for its sandy beaches, exquisite surfing sports, pulsating nightlife and theme parks, such as Dreamworld and Sea World

Reef Break airs on ABC on Thursdays at 10/9c.

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