Stan Lee’s Lucky Man recap: Art theft and a hitman take centre stage

Stan Lee's Lucky Man still
Harry talking to Suri while chasing down a lead on Stan Lee’s Lucky Man

When a hitman takes down a charter flight and kills nine people on this week’s Lucky Man, Harry, Suri and Orwell are put on the case.

Harry figures out pretty quickly that eight of the nine victims were collateral damage to keep police and emergency services busy, which allows the hitman to hunt his other assigned targets.

When he hears the name of the hitman during the briefing, Harry connects him to Isabella.

Before getting to work on the case Harry pays Eve a visit to find out if this Jurgen Bloch (Lochlainn O’Mearáin) is the same guy that killed Isabella’s children. Eve confirms that it was, which makes this case a little more difficult for Harry.

As the three detectives figure the hitman’s motive out, they find that the victim he was after on the plane was involved in the art world.

From that point they figure out that two of his associates are Bloch’s next targets, so Harry sets out to find and protect one while Orwell and Suri try and track down the other.

Harry pays a quick visit to his brother’s place and finds that Isabella has dropped in for a visit. Harry asks his brother for a little space so he can ask Isabella some difficult questions. He wants to know if she is consciously using her bracelet to kill people.

One thing leads to another and Isabella is as evasive and tricky as ever until she finds a photograph among Harry’s files and recognises Bloch.

The two have tense words, Isabella having tried to kill Bloch once wants him dead. Harry wants to try and bring him to justice.

So begins a race between Harry and Isabella to see who can get to Bloch first.

While investigating an art Gallery Harry comes into contact with one of the hitman’s targets just in the nick of time. Bloch manages to shoot his target in the leg, but Harry manages to to get the victim onto a London bus and to relative safety.

Unfortunately the guy Harry tried to protect dies because Block managed to hit a major artery.

While looking among the dead guy’s stuff, Harry finds a very rare sketch by Francis Bacon. He takes a photo of the sketch and shows it to his brother who is a dealer of antiques and fine arts.

It turns out that on its own the sketch is worth £7million ($8.8million). But if it is with the complete painting and rough sketch it is worth £20 million ($25million).

Harry shows the Francis Bacon sketch to his brother

This new revelation reveals Bloch’s motive. He’s looking to kill the dodgy art thieves and return the artworks to the contractor, who is virtually untraceable to Harry because they have used various shell companies to cover their tracks.

Suri and Orwell find the other thief at Stark House, which is a luxurious art gallery.

When they arrive they are to late, but Bloch is still on the premises and has Stark’s assistant hostage. A stand-off happens, but then Bloch cuts things short by shooting Orwell in the chest and breaking the assistant’s neck. Suri manages to get a shot off and hits Bloch in the shoulder.

Suri shoots Bloch in the shoulder

At this point Harry arrives and so does Isabella. Harry and Isabella have a bit of tussle as they both try to get to Bloch, but he ultimately gets away.

While Suri and Orwell, who was wearing his vest, report back to HQ, Harry tags along with Isabella to continue pursuit of Bloch. Isabella reveals that she paid someone off to keep an eye on any chartered planes.

Isabella and Harry arrive at the airport to find that Bloch is trying to make good his escape on a plane. Harry handcuffs Isabella to the steering wheel of the car to slow her down and goes after Bloch.

Harry and Bloch have a physical confrontation in which Harry shoots a load of petrol on to block during their fight. While this happens Bloch’s gun falls to the ground and Isabella, having managed to escape the handcuffs, picks the gun up and threatens Bloch with it.

Harry manages to talk Isabella out of executing Bloch and she agrees, throws the gun to the ground, and confidently strides away. While her back is turned Bloch quickly scoops up the gun and tries to shoot her. The bullet barely misses her by a whisker and hits the nearby fuel tank, which ignites and blows up, but takes Bloch with it.

Harry watches in shock with a satisfied Isabella as Bloch burns to death.

In the closing moments of the episode Harry has another conversation with Eve who talks about how good Isabella was before she had the bracelet.

Harry asks why he was given the bracelet. Again he does not get a straight answer, but Eve does say that he’ll have to play the game if he stands any chance of defeating Isabella.

This episode had a few fun Easter Eggs that Marvel fans in the know would have appreciated. One being that one of the art thieves was called Stark and ran Stark house, which is a reference to Tony Stark aka Iron Man.

The other came during a fun conversation between Harry’s daughter and brother. The two talk about Aunt May from Spider-Man and wondered if they are like Aunt May to Harry — as in the character that looks out for him.

Lucky Man: Questions we’re left asking

  1. How will Harry manage to beat Isabella?
  2. Given that Orwell is becoming a little more involved with Harry and Suri’s investigations, will he go through with leaving the team?

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man airs every Friday on Sky One at 9pm UK Time.

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