Yara Zaya vows to eat healthier after Mexican vacation

Yara Zaya IG selfie April 2019
Yara enjoyed herself during her Mexican vacation. Pic credit: @yarazaya/Instagram

90 Day Fiance beauty Yara Zaya is back from her Mexican vacation, and she promised herself that she’s going to start taking her diet more seriously again.

Yara and her husband, Jovi Dufren, have been taking advantage of their jet-setting lifestyle with a recent getaway south of the border.

Upon returning to the United States, Yara recorded a video and shared it on her Instagram Stories.

Filming from inside her car, the blonde beauty looked amazing in a white ribbed crop top, a hot pink jacket, and white jeans.

Yara wore her platinum blonde hair down in a center part, and her makeup perfectly complemented her outfit in shades of pink and bronze.

Yara greeted her 669,000 followers before she panned her phone’s camera to her waist, briefly baring her abs and telling her fans, “Look at this, guys,” with a laugh.

90 Day Fiance star Yara Zaya is back to eating healthy after ‘enjoying life’ on vacation

Yara noted that while she and Jovi were in the Dominican Republic for another recent getaway, she was adhering to her “super healthy” diet. However, she added, “Since the trip with Jovi to Mexico, I let myself go.”

The Ukrainian native told her fans and followers that she scarfed down an entire pizza the night before. Claiming that she gained eight pounds, something she wrote off as “not a big deal,” she noted she was going to “eat healthy after that.”

“I realized on this trip that I need to let myself relax sometimes, and it’s okay to frickin’ enjoy the life. So I enjoyed the life a little bit. And now I need to work so much,” Yara added.

Yara is dedicated to diet and fitness

Typically, Yara is very mindful of her diet and exercise regimes. She works hard in the gym, often sharing pics and videos in her Instagram Stories of herself breaking a sweat.

The clothing boutique owner maintains her enviable physique by eating most of her food in the morning and limiting her meals at night, sometimes even skipping dinner.

Yara likes to start off her day with a healthy meal, usually consisting of scrambled eggs, avocado toast, salmon, and plenty of green vegetables, such as broccoli or zucchini, with which she aims to fill at least half of her plate.

The TLC star can often be found working out late at night, usually putting in time on the stair-stepper for an hour and getting in kneeling rear leg raises to optimize her glutes.

Even while raising her 2-year-old daughter, Mylah, with a thriving business and a hit TLC show under her belt, Yara finds the time to stay in shape, making it a priority of hers, and clearly, her hard work has paid off.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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