Yara Zaya shares motivational pics as she tries to ‘get her body back’

Yara Zaya records a YouTube video in 2022
Yara is trying to regain her figure after gaining some weight. Pic credit: @YaraZaya90days/YouTube

90 Day Fiance fan favorite Yara Zaya is on a mission to regain her pre-vacation physique.

Most would agree that Yara looks sensational no matter the occasion. However, Yara thinks her body could use some improvement.

In a recent Instagram post, Yara shared some throwback pics taken just six weeks ago while she was on vacation in Mexico.

Yara and her husband, Jovi Dufren, enjoyed all that warm and sunny Mexico has to offer during their trip, including the local cuisine.

The Ukrainian-born beauty previously told her fans and followers that she gained eight pounds during her trip and is now looking to lose them.

Taking to Instagram, Yara shared the carousel of bikini pics taken in Mexico several weeks ago.

The blonde stunner posed for the shots in a white bra top and low-waisted orange yoga pants. She stood in front of the doorway to her and Jovi’s villa, looking like a model as she struck several different poses.

In the post’s caption, Yara noted, “Trying to get this body back. Just 6 weeks ago in Mexico I was looking like this 😭😱 😂😂.”

90 Day Fiance fans react to Yara Zaya wanting to ‘get her body back’

Yara’s post was met with a mixture of compliments and criticism from her 674,000 followers.

One of Yara’s fans reminded her, “You are stunning! Just make sure you’re losing weight for yourself, not anyone else ❤️ also love your vibrant energy xo.”

Another supporter felt that Yara looks incredible as it is and that she doesn’t need to try very hard to “get back something [she hasn’t] lost.”

yara zaya's instagram followers comment on her wanting to lose weight
Pic credit: @yarazaya/Instagram

“Dear, don’t promote toxic diet culture,” another follower warned. “Here is a hashtag for you to study #dietculture trust me it’s worth it.”

Last month, after returning home to Louisiana from Mexico, Yara vowed to begin eating healthy again after indulging during vacation. She even blamed her “pregnant” appearance on eating more than usual.

“Since the trip with Jovi to Mexico, I let myself go,” Yara admitted in an Instagram Story video. She noted that she needs to allow herself to relax and enjoy life sometimes, which she did, but she was ready to get back to her more strict diet and workout regime.

Yara adheres to a strict workout regime and diet

Yara is often spotted at the gym breaking a sweat and is mindful of what she eats and when. She typically consumes most of her calories in the morning and tries to avoid heavy foods like pasta.

The TLC star aims to fill her breakfast plate with mostly green vegetables like broccoli and zucchini. She considers breakfast the most important meal of her day and adds protein like salmon to her first meal each morning.

To stay toned, Yara is a fan of the stair-climber machine. She typically puts in an hour’s worth of cardio and adds kneeling leg raises to keep her physique strong and shapely.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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