Yara Zaya responds to critics who say her plastic surgery and Botox make her look like a ‘robot’

Yara Zaya Threads selfie July 2023
Yara snaps a car selfie while out and about. Pic credit: @yarazaya/Threads

90 Day Fiance star Yara Zaya’s latest photos appear so picture-perfect that her followers had to do a double take.

Yara isn’t shy about the fact that she is obsessed with the bougie lifestyle and always aims to look her best.

The Ukrainian native is always put together when it comes to her appearance, and her recent visit to New York City was no exception.

Yara posted a photo on Instagram, posing alongside a lookalike friend, and it got her fans and critics talking.

In the pic, Yara struck a glamorous pose, wearing a curve-hugging blue dress with a thigh slit and plunging neckline.

The blonde beauty added a pair of pink platform pumps to her look and styled her blonde hair in voluminous waves.

Yara Zaya and a lookalike friend strike a fashionable pose in NYC

Yara and her friend stood side-by-side in the snap, looking like twin Barbie dolls as they kept identical serious expressions on their faces for the shot.

Yara included three blue heart emojis as her caption and geotagged the upload in Manhattan, New York City.

More than 16,000 Instagram users liked Yara’s post, and hundreds more headed to the comments, where the 90 Day Fiance star was met with a mixed bag of compliments and criticism.

While Yara’s fans gushed over her high-fashion look, her critics focused instead on the work she had done to alter her appearance.

Yara fires back at 90 Day Fiance critic who says her cosmetic work turned her into a ‘robot’

One such critic accused Yara and her friend of looking like “robots” and commented, “When all the girls have the same Botox and surgeries 🤣🤣 looking the same robots.”

Yara took notice of the critic’s comment and fired back, “@tarmisa93 ohh, please go try to have surgery and Botox, will see how you will look ❤️.”

yara zaya clapped back at an instagram user
Yara fired back at one of her critics. Pic credit: @yarazaya/Instagram

A robot isn’t the only thing Yara’s critics compared her to — one said she appeared to be a wax figure, another thought the pic was actually two photos of Yara spliced together, and a third asked if the pic was AI.

yara zaya's instagram followers comment on her photos
Yara’s fans were in disbelief over her photo with a lookalike friend. Pic credit: @yarazaya/Instagram

The critics didn’t stop there, either, and neither did Yara with her clap backs.

When another commenter accused Yara’s blonde companion of having her “face done to look like Yara,” others chimed in.

Yara claps back at another critic who says she’s ‘all plastic and Botox’

“Google her b4 n after photos…she only looks that way cause she’s all plastic n botox lmfao,” wrote another critic in response.

yara zaya responds to a critic on instagram
Yara responded to a critic who said she’s “all plastic and Botox.” Pic credit: @yarazaya/Instagram

Again, Yara clapped back, this time explaining, “Omg, people like you who think they know everything.”

“1 I did only 2 surgeries, one because of breastfeeding,” Yara continued. “2 Im a physiologist, I understand what I do, and I do it for my self!!!!”

What has the 90 Day Fiance star done to alter her appearance?

Yara has admitted to the work she’s had done, which includes a rhinoplasty, a breast augmentation, Botox, and lip fillers.

Yara told her 90 Day Fiance castmates and viewers during the Season 8 Tell All that she was unhappy with her former nose, calling it a “potato.”

In 2022, Yara went under the knife for a second time, this time to enlarge her breast size. Yara complained of deflated breasts after breastfeeding her daughter, Mylah, for 17 months.

Earlier this year, Yara videoed herself visiting her dermatologist’s office to have her Botox and filler refreshed, something she says she does once a year.

Despite the harsh criticism she receives for choosing to change the way she looks, Yara told her fans that she has “no regrets,” and after having her boob job, she shared some encouragement with others who were considering the same surgery.

“Don’t care what any other people say,” Yara said. “Choose a good doctor who will do a good job for you and enjoy yourself.”

Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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