Yara Zaya in purple crop top and leggings has a hot surprise for Jovi Dufren

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star Yara Zaya shows off her stripper moves for Jovi Dufren.
Yara Zaya dances for her husband Jovi Dufren. Pic credit: @yarazaya/Instagram

Yara Zaya had a little fun with her husband, Jovi Dufren, for a recent video proving that she’s not afraid to get silly.

Zara gets a lot of bashing on social media for acting boogie due to her love of expensive things. She constantly gets called out for showing off her designer shoes and bags, but the 27-year-old just proved that she also has a sense of humor.

The 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star posted a video while clad in a belly-baring outfit, but she had an even sexier ensemble in store for Jovi.

Fans know that Jovi has a penchant for strippers, as he made that very clear during his very first season on the show. The topic has been a point of contention for the couple, but now Yara is embracing it.

Since the Ukrainian native is not fond of Jovi’s constant visits to strip clubs, she decided to bring the strip club to her husband complete with strip club lighting and a hot outfit.

Yara posted the clip on TikTok, and she got a lot of laughs, but the funniest bit might very well be the look on Jovi’s face when his wife changed into her outfit.

90 Day Fiance star Yara Zaya wears hot outfit for Jovi Dufren

The 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star rocked a purple crop top and matching leggings as she sat on the couch with Jovi, but she had a surprise in store.

“Jovi, you’ve been such a good boy… I’ve decided to make a surprise for you. I take some lessons and I decide to make a trip tease for you” said Yara. “I have some sexy outfit and I will dance for you okay?”

“So you just sit here and get ready okay?” added Yara as she went into the other room to change into her outfit.

When she returned Yara was clad in a cow costume and she proceeded to do a sexy dance as music played in the background. Jovi sat on the couch and watched in surprise as Yara sat on him and showed off her stripper moves.

TikTok users react to Yara Zaya’s strip tease

Jovi was not impressed with Yara’s sexy dance, but the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star got a lot of positive comments about her post.

“Yara!!! I’m crying! Now I wanna buy a cow suit! Thank you. 😂” said one commenter.

“This is hilarious I’m going to Amazon to find one so I can give my fiancé a strip dance lol,” added someone else.

90 Day Fiance star Yara Zaya gets lots of comments on her TikTok post.
Pic credit: @yarazay1/TikTok

One TikToker said, “omg I spat my coffee out😂😂 that is brilliant. May try this on my husband😂😂😂.”

One person also wrote, “Omg Yara! You totally crack me up 😂 I freaking love your videos! 🥰 🤣😂.”

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