Yara Zaya has the best clap back for haters who call her ‘spoiled and self-centered’

Yara Zaya YouTube
Yara records a makeup tutorial on her YouTube channel. Pic credit: @YaraZaya90days/YouTube

Yara Zaya is acknowledging her “90 Day Fiance haters” and had some fun mocking the assumptions made about her.

Yara has faced her fair share of backlash since appearing on TLC.

Many of the Ukraine beauty’s naysayers have accused her of being a golddigger who uses her husband, Jovi Dufren, for his money.

Now, Yara is clapping back at her haters… and in the wittiest way possible.

In a recent TikTok, Yara mocked her disparagers as she shared video footage of herself enjoying the finer things in life.

The TikTok began with Yara clad in a purple gown as she carried a glass of wine before she shared footage of herself opening a Christian Dior box. Next, Yara enjoyed a meal al fresco along the water and recorded herself shopping in some high-end shops while sporting designer duds.

Yara pokes fun at her ’90 Day Fiance haters’

Yara’s footage continued, showing more unwrapping of designer-brand gifts from Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent and Yara living her best life.

As the video rolled, an old-fashioned voiceover played with a clip of a man’s voice from the Marriage for Moderns series in 1954.


What my 90 days fiancé haters think about me ?? #90dayfiance #tlc #funny #luxurylife #bougie

♬ original sound – Truth Cures

The man’s voice said, “Spoiled, selfish, self-centered. This woman believes the sun should rise and set according to her needs. Her uncontrollable temper flares up at the slightest imagined provocation. Heartless, scheming, always ready to attack the unsuspecting male. Her weapons are her looks, her personality, her youth — deadly, mortal weapons which never cease to fascinate.”

Yara captioned the video, “What my 90 days fiance haters think about me ??,” and she included some hashtags such as #luxurylife and #bougie.

90 Day Fiance fans show Yara Zaya their support

In the comments section of her TikTok, which received nearly 1,200 likes, many of Yara’s followers showed her some love.

“Just a young woman that knows what she wants,” wrote one of Yara’s supporters.

Another called Yara an “Icon” and appreciated her sense of humor, telling her, “youre so funny and real for this.”

yara zaya's tiktok followers show her their support in the comments section
Yara’s TikTok followers showed her their support in the comments. Pic credit: @yarazaya1/TikTok

“I think people shouldn’t judge you by how 90days makes you look,” penned another TikTok follower. “Tv can make any good person look bad.”

Another one of Yara’s followers noted how they “love” her and her husband, Jovi.

Yara continues to live her best life despite backlash from haters

Last year, Yara took to her Instagram Stories to address naysayers who deemed her a gold digger and told her she was “living off” Jovi’s money. Yara told her haters, “I don’t know why people think that Jovi is a sugar daddy like Jovi’s so rich. But he does have a good job, and I’m not gonna lie, you know?”

Proving that she wasn’t bothered too much by the comments, Yara added, “So, you know what? If that’s how you want to see me, you can see me like that.”

Yara has also faced criticism for her jet-setting lifestyle, which includes frequent trips overseas and plenty of expensive ensembles and accessories. However, she has repeatedly defended her lifestyle, noting that she and Jovi work hard for their income.

In addition to filming for the 90 Day Fiance franchise, Yara has also become a successful social media influencer, partnering with several brands, recording Cameos for her fans, and running her online business,, which sells women’s apparel, jewelry, accessories, and lingerie.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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