Yara Zaya defends calling herself a reality TV star: ‘Don’t be jealous’

Yara Zaya YouTube 2022
Yara Zaya says she is a reality TV star. Pic credit: @YaraZaya90days/YouTube

Yara Zaya considers herself a reality TV star, despite what some 90 Day Fiance viewers might think.

Since her time in the franchise, Yara has faced her fair share of criticism and defended her character. From being called a gold digger to critics labeling her “spoiled and self-centered,” it seems that Yara has heard it all.

Now, she’s defending herself once again, this time after a critic deemed that she isn’t a reality TV star.

Yara recently recorded a TikTok, taking her followers along with her for a typical day in her life.

In the video, Yara enjoyed her morning coffee before hitting the gym, eating breakfast, getting some work done, running errands, playing with her daughter Mylah, and going grocery shopping.

“One day with me,” Yara captioned the share, which racked up over 4,200 likes.

In the comments section of the TikTok, many of Yara’s followers complimented her sense of style and related to her daily schedule, while some had questions about her Starbucks order and her online business,

Yara Zaya fires back at a critic who says she’s not a TV star

One comment, however, focused on Yara’s first line in her video in which she told her followers, “Let’s go with me for one day of my life — I’m gonna show you today one day of my life, a real life of a mother/influencer/businesswoman/reality TV star, so let’s go, you guys.”

Yara’s critic didn’t agree that she is considered a reality TV star and wrote in the comments, “Not a tv star but ok ?.”

Yara clapped back, “Well, that’s how it’s call.”

One follower came to Yara’s defense, but the critic wasn’t having it. When the critic didn’t stop there, Yara further defended herself.

yara zaya defends herself as a reality TV star on tiktok
Yara defends her title as a reality TV star. Pic credit: @yarazaya1/TikTok

“She’s not the star of the show ? do you even watch others on the show are actually on more time on show,” the critic continued.

“Just don’t be jealous,” Yara added. “That how it’s call that’s it. Is the name for people who is on tv ??‍♀️.”

yara zaya defends herself as a reality TV star on tiktok
Yara accused her critic of being jealous. Pic credit: @yarazaya1/TikTok

Last year, Yara faced a similar backlash when another critic said she “thinks she’s a celebrity now.” In true Yara fashion, she replied with a sarcastic comment, telling her disparager, “why? Because I like to take Cool photos?”

Yara has gained an immense following on social media since appearing on 90 Day Fiance

Yara may not be considered a “star” by her naysayers, but she has certainly gained plenty of popularity since filming reality TV.

On Instagram, she boasts 680,000 followers, another 187,700 on TikTok, 4,500 followers on Facebook, and another 32,800 subscribers on her YouTube channel, @YaraZaya90days.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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Rene Silva
Rene Silva
5 months ago

You ARE a reality TV star!