Yandy Smith responds after adopted daughter Infinity claimed she was quitting college, called it ‘clickbait’

Yandy Smith on the red carpet.
Yandy Smith denies that her daughter is dropping out of college. Pic credit: Admedia/ImageCollect

Love & Hip Hop star Yandy Smith clarified that her daughter Infinity is not dropping out of college despite what Infinity said in a recent Youtube video.

Smith officially adopted Infinity in December 2019 after being her foster mother since Love & Hip Hop New York Season 9.

Yandy and Mendeecees address confusion about Infinity’s education

During an interview with InTouch Weekly, Smith insisted that the stunt was “clickbait.” This clickbait was meant to bring attention and views to Infinity’s YouTube channel.

“She’s still in college, but you know, Infinity is… 19 now, so she can make decisions. I try to definitely guide her in the best way,” said Smith.

Love & Hip Hop New York fans remember when Yandy had to lay down some ground rules with Infinity in the past.

In the interview, Yandy talked about when Infinity was deciding where to go to college. Smith encouraged Infinity to take classes from home at a school nearby.

But Infinity told her mom she wanted to live on her own and be more independent. She then enrolled at City College of New York.

Infinity’s Youtube video

On January 15th, 2021, Infinity posted a video now titled “I …”, where she announced that she was going to quit school in order to commit to a career as a YouTuber.

“College is just not for everybody. I want to pursue YouTube. I think this is where I should be. This is where I need to be. I’m willing to take that risk and that’s just what it’s about to be,” said Infinity.

Infinity stated that she did not care what anyone in her family, including her adoptive mother, thought about her dropping out.

Infinity’s YouTube channel currently has 43,500 subscribers. She posted her first video over two years ago and has been posting sporadically ever since.

Although, ever since the “I…” video was posted, Infinity has been uploading content weekly.

Yandy informed InTouch that Infinity is still attending classes.

Does Yandy’s husband’s return have to do with this?

Yandy’s husband Mendeecees Harris was recently released from prison. The couple confirmed in the interview that Harris’s return has shifted dynamics in their household.

“[Mendeecees] came home the day they locked down New Jersey,” said Smith to InTouch.

Yandy confided that she has had a difficult time navigating her new roles during the pandemic:

“I was happy to have him home, but then also I was like ‘Oh my gosh, I’m a teacher. ‘Oh, I gotta be a wife that I really don’t know how to be. Oh, and I have to make sure that my family is protected.'”

Yandy Love & Hip Hop Spinoff?

With all of these recent developments in her life, between her husband’s return and navigating family life, fans are wondering if there is a possibility for a Yandy reality TV show.

Audiences are currently loving seeing Yandy and Mendeecees on the new Love & Hip Hop family reunion show. So, could there be some truth to these rumors?

There is actually going to be a LHH spin off that will focus on Smith and Harris working through their marital issues.

Although the couple did not reveal any details about the project to InTouch, it seems that the two went to couple’s therapy.

Instead of just fighting with no progress, the two said to InTouch that they were able to “build on [their past].”

Yandy confirmed that they were also given the “tools [you] need so when you leave… you can continue to build and work on that.”

Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hop Edition airs Monday at 8/7c on VH1.

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