Xander Hastings from Survivor 41 went bungee jumping, shared the intense photos after also skydiving

Xander On Survivor
Survivor 41 featured Xander Hastings as one of the players. Pic credit: CBS

Xander Hastings has been really busy since Survivor 41 came to an end. He has traveled the world, visiting places like Paris and New York City, and he has also been accomplishing some things that are on many bucket lists for fans of the show.

There are a lot of Survivor fans who hope that Xander will get invited back for another season of the show, but until that possibly happens, he appears to be living his best life.

Back in January, when he was fresh off a third-place finish on Survivor 41, Xander went skydiving. He posted a video on social media (shared below), explaining that he and his instructor had been blown off course, causing them to land in a neighborhood.

Now, Xander has taken part in another extreme sport, where he went bungee jumping and shared a lot of photos from the event over the weekend. And yes, his hair still looked amazing while he was doing it.

Xander Hastings went bungee jumping

Visiting Verzasca Dam in Gordola, Switzerland, Xander took the plunge by bungee jumping off of the side. He shared a series of photos to his Instagram account and told people to “swipe to the end to see what perfect form looks like.”

There are nine photos on the post he shared below, showing every step of his jump out into the void.

Skydiving adventures for Xander Hastings

“Got blown off course while skydiving yesterday ? Landed in a fan’s yard who filmed the whole thing. Crazy how these things happen, so happy to have met @jodyuf,” Xander wrote on an Instagram post that features videos from his skydiving adventure.

This moment took place in January 2022, and one lucky Survivor fan was on hand to record it all happening.

Survivor 43 in Fall 2022 on CBS

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And for fans who want to try competing, Survivor 45 applications are now open. This season might not start filming for a while, but it’s never to early to get those applications submitted.

Survivor is still doing very well in the ratings, and it was just named the greatest reality show of the past 30 years. It beat out other notable shows like Top Chef, American Idol, and Big Brother.

Survivor 43 airs on CBS during Fall 2022.

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