Woody Randall shares adorable ultrasound of Baby Randall

Woody Randall
Married at First Sight’s Woody Randall gives a view of Baby Randall. Pic credit: @mrabove/Instagram

Married at First Sight fan-favorite Amani Randall is expected to give birth this month.

After going on a baby shower tour and being surrounded by love and support from family, friends, and fans, the Randalls are ready to officially expand their family this June. 

While Woody and Amani haven’t shared the sex of their baby since they’re choosing to be surprised, Woody did share an ultrasound video with followers. 

Woody Randall shares ultrasound in anticipation for Baby Randall 

Woody Randall took to Instagram to give his followers their first view of Baby Randall. 

Sharing an ultrasound video, Woody captured his and Amani’s baby’s face as the baby moved around and opened and closed their mouth. 

Woody captioned the post, “Patiently waiting on the arrival of baby Randall,” with a fist emoji. 

Fans commented, showing their support under the post as they looked forward to the arrival of Baby Randall. 

Woody Randall's comment section
Pic credit: @mrabove/Instagram

Amani Randall explains why she refers to her baby as ‘they’ 

Amani Randall appeared like she was about to pop in her latest video as the countdown has begun for Baby Randall to arrive any minute.

Taking to Instagram, Amani shared a video of herself rubbing her belly at 40 weeks pregnant. with text over the video that read, “Are you gonna keep saying ‘them’ to refer to your baby?” 

Amani captioned the post, “Drop some tricks to get #babyrandall out of my belly Officially #40weekspregnant today! I’m so excited to welcome ONE baby into this world sometime soon! ?”

Explaining her use of ‘they’ pronouns for her baby, Amani shared, “The most asked question throughout my pregnancy has been “Are you having twins?”. This is because I use the pronouns they/them to refer to Baby Randall. With this week kicking off #pridemonth, I’m hoping that everyone works to educate themselves on how to refer to the people around them. Since we don’t know the sex, I use they/them instead of “it.” When someone doesn’t identify as a specific gender, “they/them” is the appropriate pronoun to use.”

Amani concluded her caption, “I know it’s hard to reprogram our thinking but I have faith in y’all. They isn’t always a plural meaning.”

Seeking advice for getting Baby Randall out, former MAFS sex expert Dr, Viviana advised Amani that intercourse helps, and more commenters agreed with the sentiment.

Amani Randall's caption
Pic credit: @_easyaa/Instagram

After witnessing Amani and Woody marry at first sight and have one of the franchise’s best love stories, viewers are excited to see the two become parents very soon. 

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, July 6, on Lifetime. 

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