Winter Everett carefree and happy as she frolics on the beach

The Family Chantel star Winter Everett
Winter Everett frolics on the beach. Pic credit: @winterckyler/Instagram

Winter Everett found her happy place at the beach, and she danced and frolicked on the sand during a day out.

The Family Chantel star recorded the moment in a video shared on social media.

Winter looked carefree while wearing a blue floral crop top and a matching maxi skirt with a high slit. She also donned a blonde wig and a pink hat as she enjoyed her time by the sea.

The video started with Winter walking away from the camera, then she raised her hands and kicked one leg up in the air.

The clip then showed her carving her name into the sand and giving a big smile to the camera after she was done.

“Leave your mark on the shore, write your name in the sand, and let the waves carry your legacy across the land. ??,” she captioned the Instagram post.

Winter has morphed into a new woman over the past few months, and she’s been showing us a much different side of her personality on social media.

Admittedly, her 100-pound weight loss has a lot to do with her newfound confidence. When we first met Winter on the show years ago, she was shy and quiet, but these days she’s blossomed into a bold, confident woman.

What’s going on with Winter Everett’s dating life?

Winter’s long-term relationship with her ex-fiance Jah suffered a devastating blow in Season 2 when she found out that he had a secret child.

The heartbreaking scene played out after Winter’s sister Chantel Everett, and their mom Karen hired a private investigator who dug up the information.

Chantel and Karen confronted Jah on camera about his secret child, but Winter was blindsided and embarrassed by the shocking revelation.

However, despite the betrayal, the relationship didn’t end there as Winter forgave Jah, and they even got engaged. It wasn’t a happy ending for the couple, though, as they later called it quits for good.

Since then, Winter hasn’t posted any signs on social media to indicate that she’s in another relationship or even dating after her devastating split from Jah.

However, we’re hoping that the next season of the 90 Day spinoff gives us some insight into her personal life.

When will The Family Chantel return?

The Family Chantel usually centers on the drama going on with Chantel and her husband, Pedro Jimeno, and last season it was all about their divorce.

Hopefully, though, we get to see more of Winter in Season 5, that is, if we even get another season. As of now, there has been no announcement regarding how the show will proceed now that Chantel and Pedro are in the midst of a messy divorce.

Their lives and that of their families were once intertwined during their marriage, but with the split, it’s unclear if Chantel and her family will want to film with Pedro and his mom and sister.

Viewers would no doubt love to see what has transpired between the couple since the cameras wrapped, so we’re hoping that Season 5 is on the horizon.

The Family Chantel is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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