Wind and Rhain on Alaskan Bush People season finale

Noah and Rhain
Power to the people on Alaskan Bush People

This week on Alaskan Bush People, it’s the season finale and it looks like power is about become a reality.

In this season finale the Browns finally look like they are about to sort out their electricity problems. The whole family gathers together for a big push to raise their wind turbine and give themselves a reliable supply of electricity.

They know if it goes wrong and it gets damaged then it will be months before they can make another attempt.

Plus it could well be they will need all the power they can get, as Noah seems keen on his new squeeze coming to live in Browntown.

Noah and Rhain
Noah and Rhain

26-year-old Rhain Alicia seems very keen on Noah and there has been speculation the two are already married. Though mysteriously she also legally changed her name in January from Ruth Alisha Merrill to her credited name, which makes us wonder.

He’s looking to get serious and wonders how the other would react if he brought his girlfriend to live with the rest of the family.

Did you enjoy this shorter season? What about all the claims of fakery? Let us know what you thought.

Watch Alaskan Bush People – Wind and a Prayer at 9:00 PM on Discovery.

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