Will there be a Below Deck Season 10 reunion show? Andy Cohen weighs in

Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live.
Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. Pic credit: Bravo

There are only a handful of episodes left in Below Deck Season 10, which has fans wondering about a reunion show.

Below Deck reunion shows have become a staple for the hit-yachting franchise, with Andy Cohen hosting the cast gathering to dish the dirt on the season.

However, new spin-offs Below Deck Adventure and Below Deck Down Under did not have a reunion show.

Since Season 1 of Below Deck Adventure ended a few weeks ago with no reunion, it begs the question of whether Season 10 of the OG will follow the same root or stick to business as usual.

Below Deck Season 10 has been one for the books, that’s for sure, and no reunion would be a disappointment to loyal viewers.

Thankfully Andy has weighed in on the topic, and it appears to be good news.

Andy Cohen teases Below Deck Season 10 reunion show

Taking to Facebook this week, Andy, who, of course, is Bravo’s go-to host for all shows, wanted to know what questions Below Deck fans had for the Season 10 cast.

“Calling all Below Deck fans! If there were a reunion, what would you want to ask Captain Lee, Captain Sandy and the crew of St David – Fraser, Alissa, Hayley, Tyler, Ross, Katie, Ben and Camille? Post your Qs for them NOW!” Andy teased in a FB post.

Andy Cohen reunion comment
Pic credit: Andy Cohen/Facebook

The comments section of the post was filled with replies, including one asking if Camille Lamb and Alissa Humber really thought they were good workers.

Question about Alissa and Camille for reunion
Pic credit: Andy Cohen/Facebook

Several other questions were directed at Captain Lee Rosbach, like one asking his thoughts on how Captain Sandy Yawn did after he left.

Question for Captain Lee
Pic credit: Andy Cohen/Facebook

Speaking of Captain Sandy, one person wanted to know if she regrets her treatment of the interior crew.

Reunion question for Captain Sandy
Pic credit: Andy Cohen/Facebook

When will Below Deck Season 10 air?

Now that it seems like the Below Deck Season 10 reunion show will happen, when will it air? As mentioned above, there are only a handful of episodes left in the season.

In the past, the reunion show aired one week after the finale, with the exception of Below Deck Med Season 6, which aired immediately following the finale.

If Bravo follows the same format, the Below Deck Season 10 reunion would air on either Monday, March 13, or Monday, March 20. It all depends on whether three or four episodes are left to air in the season.

The good news is that a reunion show looms with lots of questions to be answered.

One crew member, though, has already expressed she will not attend, and that’s chef Rachel Hargrove.

Are you excited for a Below Deck Season 10 reunion show?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Peacock.

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Cal Miyatake
Cal Miyatake
1 year ago

No. Leave it with just Galley Talk