Will there be a Below Deck Adventure Season 1 reunion?

Lewis Lupton and Faye Clarke from Below Deck Adventure
Lewis and Faye have ended their run on Below Deck Adventure. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Adventure has ended its inaugural season with the Mercury crew exiting the luxury yacht in Norway last night.

That means a reunion show where the cast can dish about the season should be up next.

However, at the end of the finale, there was no preview clip for a reunion.

The reunion show has become a staple for most Bravo shows.

Although Below Deck reunions have become virtual since the pandemic, most reunion shows still bring jaw-dropping moments to the cast chat.

So is Below Deck Adventure having a reunion show or not?

Let’s take a look at what we know.

Will there be a Below Deck Adventure Season 1 reunion?

It doesn’t appear that a Below Deck Adventure Season 1 reunion will be happening. Aside from the lack of a preview clip, Bravo has not given any indication the cast will reunite.

The schedule for next Tuesday, February 7, when the reunion show would likely air, has Bravo focusing on the Season 13 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Leading up to the premiere, Bravo’s airing the last season of the hit Real Housewives franchise.

Another possibility for the Below Deck Adventure Season 1 reunion show could have been on Monday, February 6, following a brand new episode of Below Deck Season 10. However, Bravo has a new Watch What Happens Live and a Summer House teaser scheduled.

Below Deck Adventure cast member Oriana Schneps took to Instagram after the finale to share a post dedicated to the end of the season. While Oriana reunited with several cast members to watch the final episode, she did not mention them getting together for a reunion show in her Instagram post, which doesn’t bode well for a reunion.

“And just like that, it’s over. ✨ Thank you & congratulations to everyone who helped make Below Deck Adventure Season 1 possible. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to have become part of the Bravo family ?,” she wrote as part of her caption before tagging all her costars and gushing over them.

Other Below Deck shows that did not have a reunion show

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4 didn’t have a reunion show, and it was later revealed the reason was the cast schedules.

Below Deck Down Under Season 1 didn’t have a reunion show, and no reason was given for it. However, cast member Brittini Burton did weigh in on the topic, sharing she believed the reason had to do with the show airing on Peacock, not Bravo.

Unfortunately, Below Deck fans may never know why Below Deck Adventure Season 1 didn’t have a reunion show.

Let’s hope it’s not a new trend surrounding the yachting franchise, as the two newest Below Deck spin-offs have forgone the reunion show.

Below Deck Adventure is currently on hiatus on Bravo. Season 1 is streaming on Peacock.

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