Will Gabe’s wife Raquell appear on the newest season of the Alaskan Bush People?

Will Gabe’s wife, Raquell, appear on the newest series of the Alaskan Bush People? Pic credit: Discovery

These days the Alaskan Bush People are back on Discovery airing their newest season of life in the bush.

Middle son, Gabe, is currently filming alone with the rest of his siblings even though he is married to Raquell. 

The couple has one daughter, Sophia, but it doesn’t look like the mother of one is ready to appear on the family show just yet. 

Raquell has always been pretty quiet on social media. The most recent photo that she posted was from six weeks ago. 

The photo showed her husband, Gabe holding their daughter next to Bear Brown and his son River. Gabe’s wife limited who could comment, so no fans were allowed to share their thoughts. 

In the photo, Gabe was still wearing his wedding ring, making it clear that the couple was still together and happily married. Raquell just doesn’t enjoy being in the spotlight. 

For Raquell and Gabe, it was love at first sight

The Alaskan Bush People star met his wife through his younger sister, Rain, on Valentine’s Day 2018.

Fans of the Discovery Channel series watched the pair say “I do” on January 14, 2019. 

Pic credit: Discovery

On the couple’s five-month anniversary, they renewed their vows in front of family and friends. During the episode, Gabe told cameras, “She became more than a friend to me.” 

“We kind of liked each other, and that kind of turned from one thing into another thing, and now I’m kind of dating her.”

Gabe and Raquell expanded their family

In September of 2020, Gabe finally revealed his daughter to the world on a special episode of the Alaskan Bush People. Sophie was revealed as the second grandchild of Ami and Billy.

This scene was the last time the family of three appeared together on screen. At the time, Gabe told cameras that being a dad was great, saying, “I feel like I was kind of geared for it.”

Forever imparting wisdom, Billy told his son, “You blink, and it’s going to be 20. It’s unbelievable it happens so fast.”

Raquell is happy to be stage wife

Raquell seems to be more than content sitting behind the scenes while Gabe films the Alaskan Bush People. 

Raquell has found a soul sister within her sister-in-law, Raiven Adams. The two are often commenting on one another’s photos and enjoy spending quality time together.

While fans may wish to see Gabe and his wife on the show together, it looks like for now, Discovery Channel viewers will just have to make do with Gabe.

Alaskan Bush People airs Sunday at 8/7c on Discovery.

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2 years ago

They say TV makes her look 80lbs heavier, so I guess that would push her to over 300.