Will Christine Brown’s boyfriend David Woolley appear on Sister Wives? Here’s what we know

Christine and David snap an IG selfie Feb 2023
Christine and David are smitten with each other. Pic credit: @david__woolley/Instagram

With a new life in Utah, a new boyfriend, and a thriving career, Sister Wives star Christine Brown is on top of the world.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Christine went public with her new man, Utah construction executive David Woolley.

After hinting at sharing more about him with her 1.1 million Instagram followers, Christine hard-launched the “love of her life” in a sweet Instagram carousel post earlier this week, gushing over her significant other.

Now that David’s identity is officially out in the open, it’s to be expected that Christine’s fans and followers want to know more about the 59-year-old dad and grandfather.

One question likely on Sister Wives viewers’ minds is whether David will appear on future episodes of the TLC series.

In one of the pics shared to her recent Instagram carousel featuring David, there seemed to be clues that David will appear on TLC alongside his lady love, presuming another season is currently in the works.

Christine Brown’s latest photos provide clues that her boyfriend David Woolley may appear on Sister Wives

In the third slide of Christine’s IG carousel post shared on Tuesday (pictured below), camera crews can be seen stationed at her kitchen island behind her and David as they posed on the couch with her grandsons, Archer and Ace.

christine brown's instagram photo shows camera crews behind her and David woolley
Camera crews can be seen behind Christine and David in her recent IG photo. Pic credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

Cameras laid on the countertop, several boom mics were visible in the background, and three men, seemingly videographers, stood with their equipment in her kitchen. Christine seemed unfazed by the cameras behind her.

The photo raises another question: will Christine star in her own Sister Wives spinoff show?

What is Christine Brown’s future with Sister Wives?

TLC has yet to make an official announcement about a possible Season 18 of Sister Wives, but as Monsters and Critics also reported, Christine and her former sister wife, Janelle Brown, are reportedly in “serious talks” to produce their own spinoff.

A source told The Sun that Kody Brown’s ex-wives have been in contact with Puddle Monkey Productions, the same company that produced Sister Wives, which debuted on TLC in 2010. The show reportedly will focus on “life after polygamy” and “female empowerment.”

Christine did tell her fans and followers that she’s filming for the long-running hit series from her Utah home but hasn’t provided any further details about it.

Last year, Christine told Entertainment Tonight that she promised her ex, Kody, that she would continue filming for the show.

“I made, like, a promise to, like, Kody and everybody else that I will stay with Sister Wives as long as we have the show, just to be fair. It’s what our family’s been doing for so long,” Christine divulged.

Christine’s boyfriend David gushes over her in a heartfelt Instagram post

Sister Wives fans will find out soon enough whether another season is in production and whether they can expect to see TLC’s cameras follow Christine’s new life in Utah with David. In the meantime, Christine and David continue publicly showcasing their love for each other on social media.

David recently shared a photo of Christine on his Instagram as she posed in a brown suede hat, a pink top, and jeans with a belt, looking radiant.

“When I’m with you, we just sit in our own little bubble and the world can go around us and we’re just standing still and it’s perfect and I have never felt like this before,” he wrote in the caption, gushing over Christine. “I’m the luckiest guy, thank you for finding me. Love, your king ❤️”

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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