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Why is The Voice not returning in early 2022?

The Voice Season 21
The Voice Season 21. Pic credit: NBC

For the last decade, fans of The Voice have enjoyed watching the hit singing reality competition series twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

The fall version in 2021 saw Girl Named Tom walk away with the crown after winning it all.

It might disappoint fans to know that there will be no The Voice coming in the next few months, though, as there is no spring version in 2022.

Here is why.

The Voice is moving to once a year in 2022

Starting in the 2021-2022 television season, The Voice moved from twice a year to only once.

The announcement came before The Voice’s 21st season when NBC revealed that the show will only play out once a year instead of two times from here on.

Frances Berwick, Chairman of Entertainment Networks, NBCUniversal Television and Streaming, explained why.

“Going into the 21st cycle in the fall, The Voice remains one of the most popular shows on television and we want to keep it that way. We want to eventize this iconic series,” Berwick said.

“We think The Voice will be on NBC for a very long time to come and we believe the best way to protect the brand, while also super-serving fans, is to produce one amazing cycle this year.”

This means that The Voice won’t be back on NBC until this fall, likely premiering in September or October.

The Voice follows other shows going once a year

The Voice isn’t the only show that has stopped producing seasons twice a year.

Dancing with the Stars also had shows on in the fall and spring every year, but ABC also announced that the show would drop to one cycle a year.

Dancing with the Stars will only air in the fall from now on.

The good news is that American Idol, which also will play out once a year, premieres in February.

With the new schedules, The Voice and American Idol will not compete with each other and will ensure that there is a different reality competition series on throughout most of the year.

There is no word on whether The Masked Singer will drop to once a year. At the moment, there is no word on when the next season of the Fox singing reality series will arrive.

The Voice is on hiatus. The singing reality competition series should return later in 2022.

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  1. I agree, you will lose your audience but maybe that’s what the show producers, etc. want. I used to watch American Idol but quit watching when it became to difficult to find or wasn’t on often enough to keep my interest. It’s a shame that the people in charge of these decisions don’t check with their audience to see what they want. I never miss a chance to watch “The Voice” and therefore have never missed an airing and always look forward to Monday and Tuesday nights to watch this show in particular.

  2. Well, that is disappointing. It was my favorite show. Sadly there is hardly anything worth watching on television anymore. I used to like the weekly series, variety shows, etc.


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