Why did Vinny leave the Jersey Shore house?

Why did Vinny leave the Jersey Shore house?
Vinny Guadagnino was on the original Jersey Shore on MTV and has returned for Jersey Shore Family Vacation as well

The surging popularity of Jersey Shore Family Vacation means that many viewers have been going back through old episodes of the original Jersey Shore. While marathoning the classic MTV reality show, questions have cropped up and one of the most prevalent lately has been why did Vinny leave the Jersey Shore house?

Let’s take a little walk down memory lane so we can answer that question about Vinny’s original exit from Jersey Shore. The MTV reality series was one of a kind back when it was popular and as such, demand for more episodes was very high.

Season 4 was much different from other seasons of Jersey Shore filmed prior because the entire cast spent their time in Florence, Italy instead of Seaside Heights, New Jersey. When they did return to the U.S. from an extensive filming schedule in Italy, they were thrust right back into production for Season 5.

When the Jersey Shore crew got home, they were exhausted and no one was more burned out than Vinny. Keep in mind this was the beginning of Season 5 and the original show ran from 2009-2012 with six seasons crammed in. It’s pretty understandable why Vinny or any of the other cast members might feel a bit burnt out.

Anyway, once they got back to New Jersey, Vinny managed to film for the premiere episode but one week later, viewers saw him leave the show (albeit not for good.) No one was more bummed out than his best friend Pauly D and it’s clear that Vinny never forgot his friend even when he had to take care of his own mental health first.

“Sometimes people have left in the past for different reasons. Everyone has a different reason for doing it,” Vinny told MTV News. “We do this 24 hours a day and sometimes you just reach a point where you’re like, ‘You know, I need to take a break. I wish can stay straight through, but I need to take a break.’ I got up to that point where I need to take a little break for myself and then recharge a little bit, and when I felt comfortable enough to come back, I did. And everyone trusted in my decision because usually I’m pretty grounded.”


It didn’t take long for Vinny to recharge and then return to the Seaside Heights home where the Jersey Shore cast partied it up. He just needed a bit of time away from the cameras in order to get himself together and get back to work.

Now, with the majority of the original cast filming Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Vinny has been front and center. His friendship with Pauly D clearly stood the test of time and it’s been a lot of fun catching up with the iconic MTV cast. As Season 2 heads to Las Vegas, we have high expectations coming off a really great season of the reboot.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs on Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on MTV. 

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