Why did Luke S leave The Bachelorette? Here’s the reason behind his self-elimination

Luke Stone
Luke Stone decided to eliminate himself on The Bachelorette. Pic credit: ABC

On The Bachelorette tonight, Luke Stone — also known as Luke S — eliminated himself. It turns out, his decision was due to a combination of Luke Parker’s behavior and Hannah’s reaction to everything.

It all began on the group date when the guys were invited to play a game of rugby during Episode 4. During the game, Luke P played very aggressively, so much so that the guys were freaked out by his competitive nature.

A few of them noted that he could seriously hurt someone.

Then, in a tackle, Luke P tackled Luke S to the ground. Stone was clearly shocked by the tackle. Even though Luke P approached him to apologize, he turned away, hinting that the apology was not accepted.

Reality Steve shared photos from the group date back in late March.

Later during the night, Luke P brings up the incident again, saying that Stone was the one who approached him, getting ready to hit Luke P in the face.

He also noted that Stone doesn’t talk about Hannah, but uses the platform to talk about his company. Hannah takes him aside, asking him for his side of the story.

Stone tells a different story, saying that Luke P was the one who started it by tackling him. Hannah shares that Luke P told a different story, and added that Stone showed frustrations with him.

When Hannah explains that she heard Stone doesn’t talk about her but chooses to talk about his tequila business instead, he grows more frustrated.

Tension grew between the guys as they confronted Luke P about his behavior and how he’s making everything about himself on group dates.

A few days later, the guys attend the cocktail party before the rose ceremony with Luke S clearly hoping Luke P will be sent home. Before the rose ceremony, Stone sits down with Hannah in hopes of getting things back on track but it’s clear she believes he’s there to promote his business.

Stone asks Luke P to fix the issue so Hannah can learn he is there for the right reasons, but Parker fails miserably, telling her that Luke S is there for the wrong reasons.

Hannah then goes back to confront Luke S about the whole situation, to which Luke S — understandably — gets more frustrated.

Before the episode comes to an end, Hannah B takes both of the Lukes aside for a conversation. That’s when the episode comes to an end with a dramatic “to be continued.”

Fast forward to this week — the drama continued.

Right before Hannah was about to give out the roses, Luke S asked if he could speak to her. During the conversation, he said he was tired of defending his character.

He also warned her about Luke P and walked out, leaving the rest of the guys in shock.

Chris Harrison walked in and removed a rose, revealing Luke S would have received a rose from the rose ceremony.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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