Why did Luke P leave The Bachelorette?

Luke P
Luke Parker walked out of the Men Tell All last night. Pic credit: John Fleenor/ABC

The Bachelorette aired last night with the dramatic conclusion of the rose ceremony in Greece followed by the Men Tell All special. And it wasn’t surprising that Luke Parker got plenty of airtime to address his comments, his behavior, and his dramatic exit from the show.

Luke got plenty of time in the hot seat and he even had a chance to talk to Hannah B when she came out on the stage. And while Luke P couldn’t quite understand why he needed to apologize for his behavior after he was accused of slut-shaming Hannah for having sex with one of the contestants, Hannah ended up apologizing for keeping him around.

Right after a commercial break, Luke is seen getting up from his chair and walking off the set. For viewers, it may have looked like he was walking out because he was tired of hearing people’s criticisms of him. But Reality Steve reveals that he was actually called off the stage by producers.

On Twitter, Reality Steve previously revealed that Luke didn’t leave by choice. Producers waved for him to come off the set right after the commercial break. Chris Harrison claimed that Luke had to catch a plane or something. It’s uncertain whether producers wanted to remove him because the focus continued to be on him and none of the other guys.

As for Luke, he tweeted last night that he was ready for the Luke P show to end.

Even though Luke claims that he’s done being in the spotlight, it’s possible that he actually liked getting all of the attention he got, as he reportedly spent more than 2 hours talking to Chris Harrison while filming the Men Tell All special.

The Bachelorette concludes next Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

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